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  1. solrac

    Firewire ExpressCard (34mm) detected but doesn't mount?

    I bought a Syba Firewire PCI ExpressCard (34mm) for my MacBook Pro. It's the 15 inch 2 ghz intel core 2 duo model from 2006. It says it's plug and play, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.6 It appeared in the Network Preferences as a new Firewire Network Interface, but my...
  2. solrac

    Super noisy whiny fan

    I'm on a macbook pro 2 ghz intel core duo, and my fan just recently started whining and making really loud noise. I think it only happens when my 23" cinema display is plugged into it. I know this is just a hardware part failure, since this never happened before. There seems to be two...
  3. solrac

    Advice on Bose speakers?

    I need a really good system. Should I splurge on these? My NUMBER ONE concern is this: ARE THEY SHIELDED? i.e. -- will my %#&* iPhone (or any cell phone) cause the speakers to rattle and pop...
  4. solrac

    purchasing a high def camcorder - advice?

    I want to make some crystal clear high quality web video content, and I am interested in a Canon 1080p digital camcorder. The price range for that seems to be around $800. Is this overkill for web video? I want crystal clear high fidelity video but the resolution will be far smaller than...
  5. solrac

    Apple Mail: Rules vs. Smart Mailboxes

    Ok, so what's the difference between a rule and a smart mailbox? They both seem to accomplish the same exact thing. What are the benefits of smart mailboxes? Thanks!
  6. solrac

    time machine remove file?

    what if time machine backed up a temp file, say... a 1 GB movie file that you ended up not liking and throwing out. But say that file was on your desktop for a week before you trashed it. How would you remove this file from ALL previous time machine backups, to free up space on your backup...
  7. solrac

    help with advanced file copying techniques

    Is it possible to copy to multiple directories and ignore unchanged files? Commandline is fine. directory tree 1: file1.txt file2.txt directory tree 2: file1.txt (identical to file1.txt above) directory tree 3: {blank} I want a one line copy command (hopefully) that will do...
  8. solrac

    Time machine - caveat?

    This may be obvious to most of us, but for the typical dumb user... is this caveat going to be clearly stated in Apple's marketing? From: "Backup Disk: Change the drive or volume you’re backing up to. Or back up to a Mac OS X server...
  9. solrac

    fastest compact flash II card available?

    I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a 2 GB compact flash II card. The card can download images to my computer at about 4-6 MB per second, on my USB 2.0 port. This is 10 times slower than what USB 2 has to offer. Now obviously the bottleneck must be the CF card itself. On this page...
  10. solrac

    TiBook peripheral HELL

  11. solrac

    Dual Monitors in 10.1?