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  1. twyg

    Creating a "Software Update"

    Hey there ElDiablo, The issue I had with the Package Maker is getting it to restart the computer post install, or better yet, get the system into an "isolated" mode. I know I can post a message to the user, but those oft go ignored. ;) I'll keep sifting around, I know what I'm doing is...
  2. twyg

    Creating a "Software Update"

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has experience creating a package file (installer) that will then be usable via our Software Update server. I've found the location of where all the repositories are, the .dist files, as well as the index.sucatalog, but would like someone to help...
  3. twyg

    VNC issues

    Hello all, Quick question. I'm trying to diagnose our new intel servers and VNC. They're of varying configurations in terms of memory, disks, etc, but all are the new xserve model. Here's what happens. When connecting to VNC either through ARD's built in software or chicken of the...
  4. twyg

    Window's domain connection - firmware 1.01

    Hey there, Yeah, I right clicked on My Computer to re add and received a pretty empty looking box. ;) An error popped up saying that the Networking Control Panel had not been installed. So I did a Windows Update since I couldn't break it any worse. ;) What happened was surprising. After...
  5. twyg

    Window's domain connection - firmware 1.01

    Hello, Did anyone else have a problem with their Boot Camp where the new 1.01 firmware update seems to be the changing factor "breaking" Windows XP's ability to log on to the domain? In short, I can't seem to log into the Windows XP domain any more after the firmware update. I'm using a...
  6. twyg

    Apple Remote Desktop

    Hello all, I'm having a tricky issue with Apple Remote Desktop. I'm running version 2.2 on my network and am having trouble browsing in Scanner even when specifying explicit ip ranges. I read up on spanning tree issues that have cropped up within the switches, and even though I turned...
  7. twyg

    Ibook G4 Doesn't Startup

    Hey 'geek18 Here's something to try. Did you reset your PMU? Check this link: Is there anything plugged in besides your power cable? If so, please remove it and try again. Otherwise you may have a bad logic...
  8. twyg

    Indesign can't remember

    Not to hijack, but just posting a finisher to this post. Turns out that this whole thing was caused by a missing InDesign plugin called InPrint from It's not the plugin that did it, rather the fact that one user installed it, and used it, but didn't share it with the rest of the...
  9. twyg

    Important Security Update

    Hey everyone... Check out this link. This is a really important update. At first I thought it was PC trolls running around being their usual selves. (I get security newsletters from cisco, WatchGuard, and Linksys.) But... this is...
  10. twyg

    Donation meter

    Hey all, I've been looking in vain for a donation meter script to be tied into a paypal account. I've gone to PayPal's IPN site, and done some poking around, but I don't seem to be getting very far. I'm looking for a script to do exactly what is located below the main bar on this page, a...
  11. twyg

    Finally found the world's biggest idiot! (PC'ing his G5...)

    Oh this is a riot. Apparently this guy was trying to be funny too. Unfortunately lightning didn't quite strike twice. Personally, if you want to go and take the mac case and put some PC in, go ahead... just throw me the old parts. ;) People do this just to inflame, as Andy's "I was just...
  12. twyg

    Not 100% happy with iMac purchase now

    My personal experience with Apple was a positive one when a client wanted to upgrade her machine. She had ordered a iMac DV. She received it, set it up and used it for two weeks. Of course after two weeks, the new 15" iMac came out and she was upset. She called Apple and kept "stepping up"...
  13. twyg

    How do you quiet the fan on a 12" Powerbook?

    I know there are noise dampening pads that are designed for just such a use, but I'd really not recommend it. are where you'd find it if you were really hell bent on doing it though. It sounds like you may have a bad bearing in the fan. A good Mac Mechanic should be...
  14. twyg

    Using Bluetooth to print

    Most important of all is explained by this Apple Tech note ID: 61743 Apple Bluetooth software does not currently support printing. :(
  15. twyg

    Custom Page Setup - location?

    Hey all, I'm here at a client with 25 macs of all shapes and sizes. They, being an advertising agency, have been very creative with their stationary and need custom page sizes. Being the good IT guy I am I've made the custom page sizes but am now unsure as to how to push them across...
  16. twyg

    Titanium PowerBook 667DVI

    It means your dollar is different than ours. The 1933.27 is the amount an American would send you. In turn you'd bring it to the bank and they'd convert the currency to your 2700 CAN price. ;)
  17. twyg

    Entourage X v10.1.4 coming today, with Exchange support

    I have to say, I'm very glad Microsoft listened, but I'm kinda wishing they would start the slate again. Maybe separate Entourage from the Office package as they had done with Outlook previously. Make it it's own separate product. My clients would be happy to spend the extra money to have...
  18. twyg

    Launching programs from the command line

    *sigh* I knew it'd be something stupid... That worked, thanks for the help!
  19. twyg

    Launching programs from the command line

    Ok... either this is a really simple question, or it's a really complicated one. Basically I run a few small networks amongst a few clients. It would be nice to be able to ssh in to the server, and from there ssh into each individual machine from home... I've run around and turned on all the...
  20. twyg

    Disappearing icons/files

    Ok, ran disk utility. There were some directory node issues, which probably explains the missing files. Just keep an eye out for it. The security update was the only thing that I had changed on my computer to have this issue arise.