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  1. Excalibur

    RealPC coming back

    Apparently they are coming back. RealPC Should be an interesting year here.
  2. Excalibur

    Medal of Honor: Spearhead Demo Out Grab it. Can only play online for the demo but damn is it fun. I assume they have the MP code working in this one. It says 733+ but plays great on my dual 500. no lag at all.
  3. Excalibur

    Medal of Honor Update

    They added in full SMP support now. Time to give it a shot here :-)
  4. Excalibur


    Wow! Check this app out. Created by Arlo Rose. Very impressive.
  5. Excalibur

    Possible Processor for the future?

    Have you guys seen this? Might be a possibility in the future as well, since Apple likes to keep their options open. Co-developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. What do you think?
  6. Excalibur

    MacOS X <--> SMB Network issue solved

    I have been having the same issue with 10.1 connection to Win9X/NT/2K servers, but have tracked the problem to having Dave on the same system. DAVE connects using the CIFS instead of SMB. So when you look for the PC it tries to use CIFS instead of SMB, even if you type in SMB://etc/etc. Remove...