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  1. ksv

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Hey, just checking in to hear your opinions on Apple Silicon
  2. ksv

    Herve's Bar & Grill

  3. ksv

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Wheeeeee! Who's up for a drink?
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    FS - Adobe AOO volume license (1 CS3, 6 PS CS3, 2 Acrobat Professional 8.0) and Font

    I have a «left over» Adobe Open Options volume license for the following software for sale: 1 Design Standard CS3 3.0 6 Photoshop CS3 10.0 2 Acrobat Professional 8.0 The licenses are valid for both Mac and Windows, and serial numbers for both are included. The software licenses are on the same...
  5. ksv

    Turn off iMac monitor

    Nice, but this thread is almost six years old, and dimming the screen is probably no longer a problem : )
  6. ksv

    Is this true about Macs?

    He he. But really, if you think any of the points mentioned in your article causes database corruption, you should either be recommending your clients to immediately switch to another RDBMS to avoid data loss, and/or base your conclusions on empirical research rather than presumptions.
  7. ksv

    Is this true about Macs?

    CactusData, you still haven't justified using Access, but I realize maintaining faulty databases makes for a good living—the problems just appear by themselves and can be explained with erroneous theories for a hefty hourly price tag ^^
  8. ksv

    MySQL and localhost Help: Can't connect

    /usr/local is not in the default path on OS X, so unless you add it, you need to use specify the whole path of mysql: /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root test If there's a password set for the root user, you need to ask for the password prompt by adding the -p flag...
  9. ksv

    Is there a processor-independent vec_xor?

    I think you're right there's no processor-independent 128 bit XOR in the Accelerate framework. I guess it's done this way because it's considered a low-level function (directly linked to processor instructions), and it's different from processor to processor which such instructions are...
  10. ksv

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Heey Gia! Life is good, I'm working to establish a new online newspaper and things are looking very good so far : ) How about you, future is looking better?
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    *Gets behind the bar and gets Satcomer a strong and fruity bock* ; )
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Happy new year everyone : ) Couldn't agree more... so far, so good.
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    Search Engine of Raw HTML Code?

    You can use wget to crawl the site and then TextWrangler or BBEdit to search the downloaded files. Wget has an option to recursively download all pages that are linked to from a page, limited to the current domain. I'm pretty sure it can also be limited to download only html files (or files that...
  14. ksv

    configuring php with mysql problem

    It's both; Mac OS X doesn't have as many preinstalled libraries as linux usually does, which means you have to install some of those required for php manually. Also the apache installation in leopard runs in 64 bit on 64 bit machines, which means modules like php must be compiled as 64 bit or...
  15. ksv

    Image OS drive to RAID1

    CCC uses the built-in asr (Apple Software Restore) command for the cloning operation, so it's completely safe.
  16. ksv

    configuring php with mysql problem

    From my experience, you need to build mysql from source as well for php to be able to build with the mysql extension. Just download the mysql source package and follow the instructions for Mac OS X. Apparently you need a 32 bit mysql build to build php in 32 bit, but once php is built it can...
  17. ksv

    Need help with PHP script for IP address of sites

    Bill's method should work as well as you can get it programatically without having to index the web with a spider or refer to an existing index. As for checking the IP for a domain, you can use gethostbyname():
  18. ksv

    Unicode support

    Which language are you using? iconv does character set conversion and is available through C languages and many script languages. Check out 'man iconv' in the Terminal.
  19. ksv

    Is this true about Macs?

    None of the reasons mentioned in that article should cause corruption to any proper database. MS Access would definitely not get FCC approval if it was a radio device. Simple solution, as already mentioned: use another database :)
  20. ksv

    iChat suddenly unreliable

    Have there been any changes in your network configuration, hardware or software, or have you installed or started using any new software lately? It sounds more like a bug in iChat than anything else though, so you should probably try the universal cure of removing the preferences file...