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  1. ksv

    FS - Adobe AOO volume license (1 CS3, 6 PS CS3, 2 Acrobat Professional 8.0) and Font

    I have a «left over» Adobe Open Options volume license for the following software for sale: 1 Design Standard CS3 3.0 6 Photoshop CS3 10.0 2 Acrobat Professional 8.0 The licenses are valid for both Mac and Windows, and serial numbers for both are included. The software licenses are on the same...
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    Apple's 25th Anniversary?

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    A forum managed by its members

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    WTB: PowerBook G4

  5. ksv

    Apple releases Shake 4.1 Universal, cuts price to $499 Now, if they slashed the price of the 30" Cinema Display the same way… :D
  6. ksv

    Background: Israel «Apartheid» Boycott Thwarted by Norwegian Government

    I just posted my first article on newsvine, and want to share it with the community as well :) The original posting can be found at newsvine. Anyone wanting an invitation can email me. Background: Israel «Apartheid» Boycott Thwarted by Norwegian Government TRONDHEIM, NORWAY —...
  7. ksv

    Run Aperture on any Mac

    Partially in desperation after discovering my Mac wouldn't install or run Aperture, I figured out a solution to both and want to share it with others wanting to use Aperture on your more than a year old Mac that Apple wants you to replace. You need HexEdit and BBEdit or TextWrangler. To...
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    Viewing attachments

    It appears that I don't have permission to view attachments (i.e. images) in posts. Possible to resolve? Thanks,
  9. ksv

    Times change Ah. I love the web archive :P Notice how the PowerPC is smaller, faster, and consumes so much less power than the Pentium. Then again, the price of the PowerBook indicate what changes computer...
  10. ksv

    Microsoft does it again!

    Microsoft likes to use Macs in their ads, this time for an anti-spyware app :D It's a titanium PowerBook G4 with an, uhm, all white screen:
  11. ksv

    Public jabber instant messaging servers

    Jabber is an open, decentralized instant messaging protocol maintained by a non-profit organization. That should be reason itself to switch from aim/.Mac to jabber, but as a pleasant surprise from Apple, Jabber support is implemented in the 10.4 version of iChat. Being a system administrator...
  12. ksv

    Pictures from MWSF05

    I've uploaded some pictures from the keynote address and following press rendezvous at . Feedback is welcome! Pictures from the exhibition hall will follow. Please post your own pictures too :) Edit: Original link is down, pictures moved to...
  13. ksv

    MWSF keynote live

    As Apple won't be streaming the keynote live this time, I'm planning to post notes and possibly photo live in my blog. I'll be in the photographer area to get some good pics and will try to upload them asap. Address is :cool:
  14. ksv

    Graphing Calculator version?

    Does anyone know which version the Graphing Calculator that ships with 10.4 is? Just wondering whether to buy the commercial version (3) or wait for 10.4 instead.
  15. ksv

    SSH logins are really slow

    It applies to all versions of OS X, but the 10.3.7 update made ssh authentication much slower. It takes about a minute and a half before the server asks for the password. The same applies to tls connections and even unencrypted http_auth connections in Safari. Firefox works fine. Does anyone...
  16. ksv

    I need a host in Amsterdam

    We're two people considering going to Amsterdam and covering the IBC expo as journalists from September 9th to 13th. We'll try to book a hotel, but would like to have an alternate solution for accommodation. Does anyone here live in Amsterdam and feel like hosting two people for a few nights...
  17. ksv

    PHP remote includes take 4 seconds

    I have a problem with my server running PHP. Any php script containting remote inclusions, e.g. include (''); take an extra 4 seconds to load per inclusion. Including files from the troubled server in a script on another server works fine. I just upgraded from...
  18. ksv

    Resetting MySQL server password

    I've taken over the management of a server for an organization after the previous system administrator left. The problem is, he left without leaving us the passwords for the server. I've managed to crack the root password to copy files from the previous system installation to the one I've set...