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  1. marmoset

    How to disable Mozilla's email app?

    Locate your Mozilla profile directory. For standard FizzillaCFM builds, it's at /Users/yourhomedir/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/(something).slt For Mach-O builds it's /Users/yourhomedir/.mozilla/Profiles/default/(somethingelse).slt Create a text file called user.js if it...
  2. marmoset

    Free shells!

    sudo chmod 700 /usr/bin/nidump First thing I do on a new OS X box.
  3. marmoset

    How do I build Mozilla Mach-O?

    You need about 300 megs or so of free disk space on an HFS+ volume. Mike Pinkerton's instructions here: are what I've been using for months now, and they work great. Worth pointing out is that you should always check the state of the...
  4. marmoset

    Chimera 0.2.4 - Plugins!

    It's on my iDisk: I'll probably do another one tonight or tomorrow, depending on the state of the tinderbox -- the Darwin tinderbox is showing red right now for some reason.
  5. marmoset

    The story behind your screen name

    Way back in the mists of prehistory (i.e. the mid 1980's) I was a student at the University of Michigan. My freshman year there was the very first time I ever used a multiuser system where I needed a user name. Well, the mainframe operating system in use there was called MTS, and it used...
  6. marmoset

    Mozilla Throbber?

    O'Reilly ran an article a while back that had a sampling of all the customizations you can do in Mozilla's user.css pref file. The part about potentially being able to pull a throbber from a remote URL (i.e a "throbber server") sounds super-kewl: wonder if anyone ever set one up...
  7. marmoset

    Ancient NeXTology (Shakespeare)...

    Way back when the original NeXT cubes were released, with the magneto-optical disc (and no HD, btw), I remember one of the early things they bragged about was including the complete works of Shakespeare on the MO disk. Does anyone who's as old & crusty as I am remember what format that content...
  8. marmoset

    chimera 0.2 (kind of) released

    The Quartz rendering is very cool, and the ioverall look of the app (icons, buttons, etc.) is very clean. posted w/ Chimera 0.2
  9. marmoset

    Mozilla is My New Default Browser

    and it is Mach-O Mozilla with ATSUI (Quartz) font rendering (screenshot): I've been browsing with a test build I got here: for the past couple hours and it is just sickSickSICK how cool it is...
  10. marmoset

    iMac (old school) questions

    A gig (two 512MB PC100 or PC133 DIMMS) Some folks have done it, but it's pretty hairy. Best bet is a Firewire external. Obviously it's no G4, but it's fast enough for me to get my stuff done, including a fair amount of compute-intensive compiling from source. They're clear...
  11. marmoset

    so what are your current favorite tv shows?

    Ah... 24 the Sopranos Futurama Iron Chef the Man Show Extended Play Behind the Music :D
  12. marmoset

    Memory question. Fragmentation?

    Fragmentation was purely a product of OS 9's antiquated memory management. It's a non-issue in OS X.
  13. marmoset

    Utmp, Wtmp

    The default perms on wtmp under OSX are pretty tight: -rw-r----- 1 root wheel 58k Mar 31 16:45 /private/var/log/wtmp Writable only by root, readable only by root and users in the wheel group (i.e. admins) If the box is yours, remove administrative rights from all the...
  14. marmoset

    Does the Admin smoke the magic dragon?

    Definitely! We all know Steve Jobs never partook of anything stronger than granola!
  15. marmoset

    AppleWorks 7

    A fair number of Carbon apps (e.g. iTunes, Fizzilla-MachO) are what are called Mach-O executables, meaning that, though they use the Carbon interface libraries, they are Unix applications on the back end (rather than being CFM applications which wil run on OS 9.) Developers do this strictly for...
  16. marmoset

    This guy makes pimp-apps

    I am an internet radio broadcaster (my station is called <a href="">Freeform Goodness</a>) and it's pretty grim -- the record companies just want to kill the independent broadcasters. We don't pimp their product enough, I guess, since they can't ply us with...
  17. marmoset

    Utmp, Wtmp

    Excuse me if this sounds rude, but what legitimate reason could there be for obscuring information about who has logged into the machine?
  18. marmoset

    Best web browser

    When was the last time you tried Mozilla? For a while now (since at least 0.96, if not earlier) it has been the least crashy browser under OSX. I am typing this in Mozilla right now, in a browser window (tab, actually) that I launched yesterday morning -- yes, over 24 hours ago! I have...
  19. marmoset

    Adequate OS X Substitute for Claris Home Page?

    I hesitated a long time before trying Mozilla's Composer, because Netscape 4.x's HTML editor was so crappy, but Composer is really pretty nice. It's certainly sufficient for my (fairly undemanding) HTML needs, and the price is certainly right. I'm a former Claris Homepage user, and Mozilla...
  20. marmoset

    Mozilla 0.9.9

    Kevin Gerich just revised the Pinstripe theme slightly. Those of you who were getting an incompatible version message with Mozilla 0.99 shouldn't have that problem now, plus he made a couple of visual tweaks to the navigation controls too. Get it at...