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    Has anybody noticed....

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    Congrats to Ak!!

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    Battle of the Browsers

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    new forum moderators - devonferns & btoneill

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    reformatting an external drive?

  6. edX Fantasy Football - sign up now!!

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    Want to play fantasy hockey?

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    Keychain and login passwords different? :(

    go to keychain access in your utilities folder. from the edit menu, choose - change password for keychain ''yourname''
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    hi tolya!! hi ken!! hi everybody else!! just thought i would drop by and show you guys my nice new shiny 2 ghz 20'' iMac!! I've been working alot and i finally decided to reward myself with this beauty. for once i got a computer and os that are the best available. it feels great and works...
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    American politics - the truth

    and there you have it - if Matt can laugh at it, i don't understand why everybody can't!! :D as for your question Matt, i'd have to agree. but maybe half of the people think he's a simpleton and the other half think he's an evil genuis. still, you've got a good point. i tend to think he's a...
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    fantasy football?

    yea, thanks for reminding me. i'll get a league going soon. who's going to play?
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    New look

    zammy - i've been sitting here wondering the same thing until safari just crashed and i relaunched it. now i see what folks are talking about. my 1st impression (literally less than a minute) is that i like it. :)
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    American politics - the truth

    no, satcomer, i didn't see that. sorry for double posting. but it's a case where your title had nothing to make me want to check it out. no idea what the thread would be about. it's like posting a title of "Help", i just ignore those. tell you what sat, we'll leave them both up and see who...
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    American politics - the truth

    get a grip Harvestr. all the things said about Kerry aren't true either. this animation is equally offensive to either side if you take it too literally. i wasn't talking about the things that were said in the movie, but rather it's overall view on what level politics really operate at. let's...
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    American politics - the truth isn't this the way it really is? :D (be warned, you will ROTFLYAO!! )
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    Age differences and relations

    well then Scruffy, here's another toast to your odds defying relationship!! (:sound of coffee mugs clinking:)
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    Age differences and relations

    tommy - not sure how i missed your reply before, but you've got the right idea. i was drinking my own morning coffee when i read scruffy's reply and almost suggested the same. but i figured i really shouldn't go around encouraging caffiene addiction any more than anything else. :D so here's a...