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    2 Letter Searches on this site

    I love this site. I've had more great info than anywhere else. But- I'd like to be able to search for 2 letter things? Like CD or Ti or any other number of things that people abreviate with 2 letters. Is this possible? Is it redundant? Is the search engine smart enough to know Ti means...
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    Stuck CD in Titanium

    Any tricks on getting it out? I did some searches here but not much came up. Maybe I'm using the wrong words...?? -Y
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    Terminal Problems

    I open the terminal and am greeted by: [Process completed] I am unable to type anything. All I get is beeping when a key is pushed. Any ideas? -Y
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    DVD-R Media Choices; What do you use?

    I'm needing to buy several hundred DVD-R disks for data archival purposes (not burning consumer player DVD's) and I'm wondering if anyone has some insight on price per unit, Brand of media and flavor of DVD-R media that will work with the SuperDrive (DVR-103?) Obviously Apple has media for...
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    Nimba - Not in my back ?

    Ok, so I just found hunderds of .eml files on my server. I know a little about what is going on but If anyone would care to enlighten me. Is it a threat to my system beyond being annoying? Which anti-virus utility would you recommend for it? should I change all my passwords? Am I being a...
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    IP Address Tracking and Cataloging

    I would appreciate any recomendations of share/free/commercial wares for displaying, cataloging and tracking ip address on a large network of Mac's and PC's running 9.1, X, 2k and XP. Thank you! -Y
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    QT Previews in Column view over a network.

    In 10.0.4 I was able to play movies in the preview column even when the movies were across a network on a 2K server.. This was very handy for browsing many many movie files. I can still play movies in the column preview when they reside on my desktop machine. Unfortunatly most of the movies I'm...
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    Users and Groups in X

    I'm curious about solutions for setting up users and groups in X without creating multiple user accounts. For instance, in 9.x I had multiple users and groups set up for different shared folders and volumes. drop box works but I don't feel like I have enough control over who and where other...
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    "The operation cannon be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for ".Trash"." I get this error when trying to move things from my "desktop" to the trash. this includes aliases of network drives, files, etc.. "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have...