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    Good call...Unchecked sound enhancer and everything returned to normal. THANKS!!!
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    I have a set of SoundSticks and since I upgraded to iTunes3 ...stuff sounds horribly tinny. It sounded great in iTunes2. I have even tried different EQ presets to make it sound better...but it always has this tinny sound. Anybody else notice this? Perhaps it's time to move onto Audion
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    SoundSticks loosing sound after sleep

    I have just got my first G4(733 QuickSilver) and I also purchased a pair of the Harman/Kardon soundsticks with it. They work great....till the system goes into sleep mode, then the sound gets confused between them and the built in speaker on the PowerMac....any workaround for this? it gets...
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    "Full Speed Ahead: Lust Factor Ten"

    Already got me a Dell Inspiron notebook. It came with different colored covers and palmrests that I could swap out.
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    great firewire cd-rws.

    I too made one....took a Yamaha 2100e 16x10x40 cdrw and a ADS Pyro firewire enclosure and put them together. It even works out of iTunes and in Toast without any problems at it only cost about 180 to make.
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    Broadband is fast on Windows? WHY?

    I said I wasn't going to post here again...But this I had to respond to. You've tested a variety of different browsers, all from different companies and Windows with IE outperforms them all. Load Opera on windows, load Netscape on windows...they'll all be faster than on the is...
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    the Ginger

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    the Ginger

    I wasn't aware this forum needed credits...If so what do you bring to the table other than an attitude?
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    the Ginger

    OOOO, yours has potential. I bet the commercials would be great. TWGY...There's always someone that feels they have to use insults to prove their point.... Uoba, perhaps we can test out the BadBitchBatchSlapper on him.
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    the Ginger

    The Bitch Slapper[TM]'s a firewire device that attaches to any Macintosh or PC which will bitch slap you whenever you need it. It will initially be marketed to Mac users since they are the most prone to believe devices are "Revolutionary". Keep in mind that in no way am I personally...
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    the Ginger

    You can rant all you want...but the case is clear. Both this and the iPod were heavily misrepresented by Steve Jobs as to their actual value to users/world. I will admit that perhaps Ginger is somewhat of a minor innovation....but it's far from ground breaking. Just look at what it is...a...
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    a bit extreme...

    Apple Tattoo...I wouldn't do it. But it's a free country and if dude is happy with it, that's what counts. Stickers only on Ghetto wagons? White Apple sticker on my 2k1 Supercab XLT Ranger with all the options....soon to be a 2k2 VW Beetle
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    the Ginger

    Yeah, what a crock....I knew when I saw Steve Jobs name on the hype that it wasn't going to meet expectations.
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    American Flag

    only fryke's :p
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    Damn Rod Stewart!

    I like the theme song......It's a great triumph over adversity kinda thing. Plus it makes Enterprise more appealing to people that wouldn't normally watch.
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    iTunes and a Yamaha 16x10x40

    nevermind...i fixed it. Forgot to set it for a faster burn since i don't have the predator anymore.
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    Flash Sites Slow in 10.1

    Try using iCab...see if that speeds it up
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    iTunes internet radio list not loading

    If your user has admin priviliges then that's not the problem
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    iTunes internet radio list not loading

    Maybe the User you are using has limited access
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    tv tuner?

    Lemme install it and i'll let you know!