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    powerbook display as negative

    Recently I woke my powerbook firewire (running 10.2.6) up and the display looked like a negative. I checked the settings and they looked OK. I then booted to 9 and all was ok, so I know that it isn't a hardware problem. Also, when booting to OS X, the display is fine right until user login...
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    SVCD creaton with ffmpegX

    Whenever I use ffmpegX to convert a vob file into a SVCD file, it only appears to encode the first bit of video, perhaps 10 minutes, and then shows a single frozen frame for the rest of the video. The audio however continues to play for the entire movie track. I have tried a couple of vobs and...
  3. B and folders

    Can anyone tell me how to create new folders in I have started to share my MAC with my wife and she has got Entourage :( and I have got mail (as it is her machine most of the time now - oh how I pine for my new Imac to come :D ). I have avoided it until now. I like it for the most...
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    mpg2 playback

    Does anyone know how to play SVCD disks in MAC OS 9 or MAC OS X?
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    reverse NAT and airport

    Has anyone successfully reverse NAT'ed Samba traffic from a PC mapping drives on your MAC using Airport. I have setup ports 387-391 (couldn't remember the exact ones but was pretty sure they were in this range) for the Airport basestation Ethernet Interface connected to my local LAN, to map to...
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    Airport update troubles

    I fired up my airport admin utility in OS 10.1.1 because I wanted to setup reverse NATing to my local SAMBA service. That aside, upon launching the utility I was informed that there was update software available for my basestation, and would I like to install it. I replied yes (perhaps...
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    Ie & Passive Mode

    Has anyone else had the issue in the version provided in both IE version provided in 10.0.4 and 10.1 with passive mode. I find that while attempting a download from and ftp server attempting to setup passive mode, it just sits there. The browser doesn't hang, it just won't get past that part...
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    Symbolic link and CDROM

    MACMame uses .zip files to store ROMS. What I would like to do is store the zip files on CDROM and the symbolically link the Roms directory to the CDROM drive so that I could load them without storing them on my hard drive. I have two problems. 1. It is a long time since I have used Unix...
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    Does anyone know if there is an Intellimouse or scrollpoint driver for USB multi-button mice. I used to use USB overdrive, but she no work no more. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?