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    sticky notes colors

    Does anyone know if its possible to change the default colors for notes in the Stickies app? I poked around in the app's contents but I don't know what the hell I am doing. I couldn't find anything in any of the files that referred to colors. Perhaps I am the only one deranged enough to care...
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    trouble using man

    Since upgrading to 10.2 I get an error when trying to search for a man page. The message I get looks like this: Welcome to Darwin! 5:12pm sauron ~ % man perl /usr/bin/man: illegal option -- C man, version 1.1 usage: man [-adfhktw] [section] [-M path] [-P pager] [-S list]...
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    arabic support in Jaguar??

    Wasn't arabic support supposed to be added in 10.2.? I see Greek and Turkish but nothing for arabic. Very fustrating. Is there a language kit available?
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    10.1.5 works with clamshell closed

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but it seems that 10.1.5 supports operation with the clamshell least on my pismo. I also have more external monitor resolutions to pick from. Unfortunately, I have lost the ability to sleep as my screen dims but the drive doesn't power down.
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    remote X session

    I am trying to use a remote X windows session on my mac without much success. I have a program installed on my linux computer which is connected to our LAN. I can setenv DISPLAY my.ip.number:0.0 and then telnet to the linux computer and run the program using my SGI. I have installed XF4.1 on my...
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    MacOS X 10.0.1 - still no sleep???

    I just got done playing around with the update and there still doesn't seem to be power management under macosX. How can this be? I can't understand how apple can release what they call a final version without allowing powerbook users to use the operating system when they are on the road. I get...
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    mounting linux partitions

    After breaking my linuxppc setup again (by foolishly upgrading to Linuxppc's halloween upgrade) I have decided to call it quits (for a while) and hope MacOS X can do what I need. So with that I would like to know if it is possible to mount the linux partitions under OS X to reformat them and get...