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    octocore management of processes

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to dedicate say 2 or more cores on an octocore system to a designated application? I know there is the renice utility but that doesn't dedicate certain cores to processing a task, it just sets priority.
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    Blue and White G3, Won't Boot after 10.4.6 stall

    Hi, My Blue and White G3 will not boot after it stalled upgrading to 10.4.6. In addition for some reason now... and old yellow dog linux grub loader is booting up on restart, which prevents me from going into single user mode. So I need to remove the grub loader. I tried fishing around...
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    how to show invisible files in Tiger

    I installed Linux on my 1st gen ipod and the iPod is very unstable now. So I'll need to restore the iPod and delete everything on it. However I want to be able to get my mp3's off the iPod first. I've been sucusseful in copying the mp3's to hd from the iPod. but all the directories and...
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    can't install dsniff through darwin ports on Tiger

    hello all! I can't install dsniff through darwin ports on Tiger. Here is the error message: ---> Building libnet with target all Error: Target returned: shell command "cd...
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    binicimap qpopper postfix and squirrelmail mail problems

    Hi all, I'm running postfix, qpopper, bincimap, and squirrelmail on 10.3.9. postfix and qpopper work fine. I can send and receive mail with them. I setup bincimap so I could have an IMAP server for squirrelmail. I finally got IMAP up and running and the squirrelmail test file gave ok...
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    Sawtooth G4 hard crashes on 10.3.8

    Hello all, I'm running 10.3.8 on a Sawtooth G4 with a Sonnect 1.2 Ghz upgrade card. I also replaced the original AGP ATI card with a Nvidia GeForce2 32MB Vram. And I have a Rage ATI card in one of the PCI cards for dual monitor support. I also have an Audiowerk2 card installed in...
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    Postfix and Spam Relays

    Hi all, I'm running Postfix on Panther. I'm getting hit by spam relay attempts on a regular basis. They're not able to relay but still they're hitting the server very frequently. In addition they make up invalid cryptic looking usernames like in order to spoof...
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    Panther .zip files not extracting

    Hello all, I've created a few .zip archives (I burned them onto DVD's) with Panther's new archive feature. Some of them are now not extracting while others work fine. Has this happenend to anyone else? With the broken .zip archives sometimes I get an I/O error in Stuffit Expander - other...
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    Errors with make while installing Perl 5.8

    I'm running 10.2.6 and I'm trying to install Perl 5.8 according to Apple's instructions that can be found here: ./Configure went well but when I ran make I got 2 major errors. One of them was: cc1: warning: changing search order...
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    Interested in forming a Music Chat Network?

    Hello all, I would like to put together a Music Chat Network. It would be a place for musicians and music lovers. I'd like to start it off with one main channel and build the network from there. I will be using ircd on Linux (Internet Relay Chat - IRC). The main idea that I have for...
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    Video Capture with Old ATI Cards

    I have a G4 400 Mhz and OS X 10.2.3. I would like to capture video with my All In Wonder (128 bit) card from ATI. However ATI STILL has not added video capture support for these cards. Does anyone have any work arounds or hacks or know of any 3rd party drivers that exist?
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    Trying to Get Sendmail to work in 10.2.1

    Hello all I'm trying to get sendmail to work in 10.2.1 I followed the instructions in the O'Reilly article in the link below. Sendmail does work if I send mail to an address that does not exist. Like this in the...
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    Backed Up Eudora Mail but now it won't work in Eudora

    Hello all, I backed up a Eudora Folder for a user on mac os x 10.1.5 from the terminal using the cp command. Now when I upgraded to 10.2.1 I can't use the backed up Eudora Folder. All the icons within the Eudora folder show up as generic text icons. When I try launching the Eudora...
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    DVD 3.1.1 - G4 AGP - 10.1.3 - Hardware not Supported!

    Hello all, Well my DVD Player software worked fine under 10.1.2 but when I upgraded to 10.1.3 on my G4 400/AGP the DVD Player would not launch - instead it spat out a message saying this hardware configuration is not supported. I think I have updated the DVD Player twice from the software...
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    mySQL - info reading

    Hello all, I have PHP and mySQL setup. I'm using mySQL 3.23.47 but when I use phpinfo(); under the mysql section it lists the mysql Client API as 3.23.32 - shouldn't this read 3.23.47?
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    OS X Moving to 64-bit?

    Ok, I read an article on The Register That states Apple may be creating a 64 bit version of OS X that will only run on the yet to be released G5. I was wondering if anyone had info on this or any comments?
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    Changing Permissions on Drives

    Hello all, I have a 2nd internal drive that I want to access in X. I have already enabled the root account. The only way I can get to this drive is by turning on all privileges for everyone - which is done by checking the little box in the bottom left hand corner of the Get Info Window for...
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    DVD Playback and stuff

    Ok I got my Fargo DVD disc to work in the new X DVD player -- and it looks nice -- playback is nice and smooth and it doesn't take over the system like it does in 9. Maybe I'll go out and buy some more DVD's. Omniweb is faster -- I'll probably start using that instead of IE 5. I still can't...
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    First Impressions of 10.1

    Hello All, I picked up the 10.1 update at Seybold today. I'm running it on a G4 400 AGP with 832 MB's of RAM. Overall everything is faster - finder - applications launches, etc... I got file transfers to work with my 7500 with Appletalk (didn't have to use TCP/IP) and things went...
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    Flash bug fix in 10.1?

    In 10.04 everytime I try to view a Flash enabled page in IE 5 or Netscape 6.1 it freezes my system to the core -- everything gets locked up and debugging does not appear on the screen. So I was wondering if anyone out there who has tried builds of 10.1 can tell me if this bug still exists...