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    function keys on iBook, how to make functional

    In OS 9 there was a setting to make the F keys of a portable work like normal, without having to use the fn key. I can't find it in OS X... ?
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    How to remove resource fork?

    When I send attachments to lots of people, some PeeCee users apparently have problems (two attachments or Mime error messages) due to the resource fork in Mac files. How do I remove the resource fork before attaching?
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    Help, can't make a clean install

    Hi, My big Mac (DP 800) badly needs a clean reinstall of OSX 10.2. It is crashing all the time. But when I run the installer disk, contrary to what I have read there is no option for "Archive and Install". The option button should be right after I select the install disk. But it just isn't...
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    Option-booting does not present OS9, only OSX

    I have an iMac and a G4, and on both of them I have the same problem: When booting pressing option, I am supposed to be able to select OS9 or OSX, but I am not. There is only the icon for OSX to select. Why the heck would this be?
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    black screen after sleep

    I have a new iMac and a dual 800 G4. BOTH of them sometime "wake up" after sleep with a black screen. The screen does not wake up. I thought it might be hardware in the G4, because it had some problems also under OS 9. But now the iMac has shown the same problem once. I use 10.1.4 on both...
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    How to hide Classic starting up on login?

    How do I make Classic not only start up on login, but also do it in the background? Using "login" syspref and selecting "hide" does not seem to make a differ.
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    Airport/Internet problems

    Hi I just got an iMac (flat panel) (wonderful machine), running X. I have an Airport base station which is connected to the Net and working fine for my other machines. The iMac is connecting fine to the base station and the network. ...But still there is simply no Net connection. No...
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    AirPort login failure

    I have an AirPort network I created on my Cube ("winona" after ms. Ryder). And then I have an iBook on AirPort. It works fine under OS9, but I possibly do not know how to log on to the network correctly under OSX (and get to the Cube's files.) I am trying to use the Go menu in the finder, the...
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    Small "bubbles" on OSX screen

    I feel crazy reporting this, but it is appearing on two different macs with two different versions of OSX. Near the lower right corner of my screen in OSX there is a tiny set of "bubbles". They appear even through app windows and no matter what screen picture I have selected. I will...
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    perifials may work anyway

    My Canon scanner works in Photoshop under X. I have heard that many perifials may work even though there are no X drivers for them.... IF you try them from a Classic app! === Administrator: How come so many topics on the front page still talk about the public Beta?
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    X slower on the Cube?

    I notice that some say that performance of OS X is great. But on my Cube, everything takes twice as long as under OS 9. Another user with the same experience (from is *also* using the Cube, I notice. Anybody know if X could possibly be slower on a Cube than on another G4 of...
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    Eudora beta, does it work?

    I don't get osx until monday, here in UK. I have downloaded the Eudora 5.1 beta for osx. Have anybody tried it, and seen if it works like usual? Address book etc?
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    2 OS 9 folders recommended

    I have partitioned my hd prior to installing OS X. Besides that, I copied my OS 9 system folder onto the other partition, and use that one for classic instead of the OS 9 folder I use daily. This saves aggravation when OSX messed about with extentions. And also you can disable...
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    Classic Internet apps will not connect

    I did not know this until the mac knight owl wrote it for C/net. Classic internet apps will connect under OS X with ethernet connection, but *not* via dial-up. this means that I am missing a newsreader, which irritates me. (I only found one, Radical or something, but that is for osx...
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    do I need OS 9 on the same drive to have Classic?

    In other words, if I partition, do I want to have an OS 9 system folder on both partitions?
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    the html and text editors?

    Does anybody know if the html editor is WYSIWIG? (I am guessing not.) and the text editor, textEdit, is it similar in power to TexEdit Plus?
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    boot in Win NT mode

    If you hold down ctrl-option-cmd-spacebar when booting the machine on which OS X is installed, it starts up in Windows NT mode, and will run certain Windows apps. Word for instance is supported, but Excell is not, or at least it is very unstable. It even looks very much like Windows NT, just...
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    domain heat

    Hi, How early did you have to get in to get this hot domain? Has Apple made a fuss about it?
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    Forum interface good

    Hi, I don't use forums much, perhaps because they usually have clunky interfaces. From the start I really like this forum, it is direct and simple, and has the posts inline. What powers it?