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    PB 17" won't run on battery

    After updating to 10.3.9 (not sure if it's related to this) my PB 17" 1.33GHZ won't run on battery power anymore. If I unplug AC the powerbook simply turns off. I've tried to reset the pram and pmu but that did'nt help. The battery charge indicator is stuck on 97%. iBatt shows a 97.3% charge...
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    Sony CRX120Eu

    Hi, Bought the drive used as-is w/o drivers... don't have Roxio yet.... Didn't think it would be that much of a deal to obtain drivers :(
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    Sony CRX120Eu

    Hi, Looking for 10.2.x drivers for a Sony external USB CD-R/RW, model CRX120Eu anyone?
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    10.2 unstable

    Ok, I did a clean install but the problem is still there. It seems like the applications die when I´m selecting an item from a drop down menu in a file dialog... odd, but true. E.g. when selecting save-as type in photoshop or when selecting directory on a ftp-server in fetch... -flff
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    10.2 unstable

    After upgrading my TiBook to 10.2 a lot of applications became unstable. Photoshop 7.01, Fetch 4.0.2, M$ Entourage and even the 10.2 mail client are now horribly unstable and will crash at any given time... Experiences? Suggestions? cheers, -flff
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    PowerBook combo drive! (and other stuff)

    The obvious question is.... can I upgrade my TiBook? I WANT THAT COMBO DRIVE :)
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    I totally agree with you.... this has been done before, this has little to do with apple and quite frankly, the iPod design kinda reminds me of Bose products from the 80's.... no good
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    Now, If just anyone from Apple just read this...

    After 15+ years stuck with intel, and for the last 8 years, wintel, I finally had it and bought a Powerbook G4 with OS X. Now, the Powerbook is great, it's good looking, has great performance and an outstanding lcd... and with os 9.2 it's dead stable. OS 10.0.4 however, is not very stable at all...
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    I need Mac OS X 10.1 baaad!

    I work at an ISP - therefore I can make it available to a limited number of people on very high bandwidth - but I need a copy first -flffy
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    opera for x rocks

    Opera for X truly rocks but remember that this is a technology preview and that the browser will be much more stable (and featurerich?) in beta
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    Can't start classic

    oh goodie... called Apple support and they'll help me fix my problem, I'll just have to wait for a CD that they have to order from Taiwan. It will be here in 3-4 weeks. And I thought M$ support sucked :( - fl0ffy (Apple newbie and starting to wonder if it was worth it)
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    Can't start classic

    fl0ffy <- Stupid..... I've figured out what my problem is (besides from beeing an absolute apple newbie). My OS9.1 is norwegian and my OS X is American English... no wonder the classic starter complains about localized resources. I'll have to hunt down the salesrep that sold me this combination...
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    Can't start classic

    Now I'm totaly lost.... On the first install I installed OS X and OS 9.1 on the same partition and Classic never worked... I then reinstalled OS X and OS 9.1 on two different partitions but with no luck. When I try to strat classic I get an error message saying "There are no localized...
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    Installing OS9.1 after OS X

    I'm gonna try this when I get home later today. Shouldn't be all that hard :) Btw. I gotta tell you all how much I love the TiBook and OS X... I've been using it for a month now and it's rock solid (at least compared to my previous struggles with Toshiba, IBM and Compaq craptops running...
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    Installing OS9.1 after OS X

    I'm a real Apple-newbie. I've been using wintel laptops for years now until I finally got fed up and went out and bought a Powerbook G4. My first OS9.1 / OS X installation was flawed because I couldn't start classic mode. Now I've repartitioned my drive, one partition for OSX and one for OS9.1...