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    OSX10.1 update doesn't recognize my OSX!

    I tried, I really did, but nothing would make the OSX10.1 update installer work in my Lombard G3 400MHtz. I have OSX10.04 installed and followed the instructions: 1) Tried installing by clicking on the Installer from the CD. It wouldn't open (opened for a second as shown by an icon in the...
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    Mounted volume .vol on Desktop?

    I just installed OS9.2 on my OSX box and within a day or so a mounted volume labeled ".vol" appeared on my OSX desktop. It shows up a minute or two after bootup. It's creation date is Jan. 1, 1904 but it's modification date is the day of booting. Inside the volume is a single folder named...
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    Fink and GIMP in MacOSX

    I managed to get Fink 0.1.8 up and going and got the GIMP running on FreeX86 with the ICEWM. Now I want to update ICEWM but when I try to configure it, I get an error that it can't find gettext. Gettext is present in sw/bin where it was put by Fink. Is there a way I can direct the ICEWM...
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    keyboard mapping in Xfree86?

    I got XFree86 running as an X-windows server and client on OSX and everything was great....and THEN I decided to try to get the option and apple keys working using Xmodmap to modify my keyboard mapping. Now, even though I also got the Icewm working on XFree86, I get no response when I type into...
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    Orinoco Airport card doesn't work

    I have a G3/400 Lombard Powerbook with an Orinoco Airport card in the cardbus slot. OSX doesn't seem to recognize this, though it recognizes an apple airport card in a newer G3 powerbook/400. Has anyone gotten the Orinoco cards to work with their airports? I had to reboot in 9.1 to send this...
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    Reformatting LinuxPPC1999 partitions for MacOSX

    I installed LinuxPPC1999 on my desktop beige G3/233 on unix partitions. Is there a simple way of changing the partitions so that I can install OSX onto it without reformating the entire disk? Can I use the scratch partition as a scratch partition in OSX (does it even neen one?). Thanks for...