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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    Hi folks! I have had some trouble installing iTunes 4.5. Originally, I was using OS X 10.2.8, and when I tried doing the update from SoftwareUpdate, the iTunes installation would always just crash without any error messages. All other installations via the software update have been fine. I...
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    Help Please: CD Burner (iTunes) Freezes

    Hi Folks: I am hoping to tap this expertise before resorting to apple. I have a problem with my CD burner (or perhaps its iTunes that is the problem). When I try to burn an audio CD, iTunes completely freezes after the 2nd track (fairly consistently), and never resumes. The little burn...
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    Photo touch-up software

    Hi folks: Can anyone some photo-touch-up alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. I just want to be able to do some basic touch up and color balancing on simple photos taken with a point-and-shoot camera, before I send them to a service to be printed. I have seen GIMP, but I prefer not to install...
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    iBook Sleep Problem SOLVED!

    At long last, I have managed to solve the sleeping problem that has plagued by notebook. My iBook would intermittently fail to return from sleep after it had been in sleep for a while (perhaps greater than an hour). This is a problem that apparently many people have faced, and there have...
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    AirPort and 802.11g

    I have been reading some articles about the emerging 802.11g standard. One thing that still isn't clear to me, though, is whether we can expect that access points based on the 802.11b standard will be upgradeabe (via firmware) to the new g standard. If I purchase an AirPort base station now...
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    Hiding Folders in OS X?

    Does anyone know how to hide and unhide folders in OS X? Thanks, John
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    Waking up from sleep

    Hi folks: Not sure if this is an OS X problem or a hardware problem. My iBook has a hard time waking up from sleep. I'm running OS X 10.1.2. I put it to sleep (either by closing it or by putting it to sleep using the menu item). Often, when I restart the computer, the disks spin up but...
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    iBook Security Slot (Followup)

    Folks: A while ago I posted a question regarding the iBook security slot. I had an old kensington lock that would not fit into the iBook slot. I wrote than I had contacted Kensington and was told that the iBook slot was about 15% smaller. Well after some fruitless searching for a lock...
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    Removing those pesky iBook scratches

    The only complaint I have about the new iBook is that, despite claims from Apple that it is resistant to damage, the clear covering scratches WAY to easily. I sent in my iBook for repair (for some water damage), and it came back with the case all marked -- apparently from handling by the...
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    Help! Water damage to iBook screen

    Last night, while working in front of my computer, I took a drink from a glass of water and choked, spewing water all over my ibook screen. It was a fair amount of water, though there didn't seem to be so much space for the water to seep in. Well nothing happened for a few minutes, and then...
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    Security Cable For iBook

    Hi folks: I have an old kensington security cable that I have not been able to use with my new iBook. For some reason, the metal lock will not fit into the security slot on my iBook. Does the iBook actually use a different size cable? I have not heard any mention of that. Thanks, John
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    iBook G3 Performance Question

    I am interested in purchasing my first Mac notebook. Today I went to the store and tried out the Ti Book G4 500 Mhz (256MB Ram) and the iBook G3 500 Mhz (128MB) on display. Both machines were running OS X 10.1 I had initially decided on the iBook for its size and price, but I noticed that the...