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    What are the setting for a Slave 60gig hardrive

    Hello, I have a blue and white G3 400mhz 384ram,and i am installing a second 60 gig hardrive, I was wondering what is the settings for a slave drive. Should I set up my slave drive for 15 head or a 16 head setting?? I should have mention this before I the hard drive is a IBM deskstar...
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    Wolfenstein demo performance

    stuiped qustion how do u install WolfensteinMP
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    itunes + disc burn does not work

    don’t get me wrong I love apple almost as much as UNIX... But what is with the tried party support... it sucks..... sorry to be harsh but..... well here is my story i have a G3 400 with 384ram and 10.1 + 9.2 mac os, and a QPS samsung burner a itunes and disc burn supported CD-R.. every...