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    updating 9.1 on os x partition kills os x

    i just booted os 9.1 on my os x partition and updated it via the update control panel. when i tried to reeboot into os x i got a black screen with text in the top 2 inches with the last line saying "we are panicing in here" i cant type anything and the only thing i can do is to restart the...
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    absolutely pants

    os x is a big let down. everyh disk has a library, apps folder blah blah blah. i've got used to storing different items on different partitions just in case the disk head crashes, (ive had it happen before and lost everything). yeah u can still do that now but my disks seem more cluttered now...
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    macx os x on intel

    in think apple should release Mac OS X on intel CPU's as well as power pc. It will work on the platform and its major components do work on intel. as the powerpc G4 is so much more powerful than intel pentium the G4's can be used for high end jobs whilst the pentium's can be used for word...
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    turning debug off

    i read on theses forums that macos x was slow because debug was on. Is there anyway to turn debug off and gain some extra speed?