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    What crashes your X?

    For me I get a crash after playing Unreal Tournament preview 3 for about 30 minutes - the game freezes and sound loops and you can't force quit. I have had the same symptom with spiderman and bugdom in classic so it may be a OS bug or Radeon driver issue. Other more demanding games like giants...
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    Help plz - Troubleshooting X + games....

    I have a similar spec machine: G4 450 AGP 1.5GB RAM, ATI Radeon AGP, Mac OS X 10.1.3 and 9.2.2 on IBM 45GB 75GXP Drive and 9.2.2 only on original 20GB drive (Western Digital). I have no problems with the screen savers or Giants. However I have had freezes when playing games full screen...
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    How do you clear DHCP clients

    Mac OS X Server 10.1.1 - the DHCP Client view shows the names and MAC address of all the DHCP clients that have ever connected to the server. Where is this information stored and can it be cleared? Mattw B/W G3/400 384MB 2x60GB ATA
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    Menu shortcuts

    Well after about the third time of trashing the LS prefs in my user/library/preferences - the problem is solved. Not sure why trashing the prefs once wouldn't be enough.
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    Menu shortcuts

    After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.1 options like "Open date and time", " Open displays", "Network preferences" and "dock preferences" in the Apple menu or from the menu bar icons no longer work. They were fine in 10.0.4. Creating a new user solves the problem so it must be related to the original...