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    Does anyone have a scsi Orb drive working in X?

    I have a scsi Orb drive, but cant make it work in OSX 10.1 I have tried installing the latest scsi driver from adaptec, I have tried re-installing the old driver from adaptec and anything else i can think of with no luck. Castlewood has been almost no help. Anybody have any suggestions...
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    Why Doesn't Java Work Like It Should?

    I was wondering if anybody could explain why if OS X is supposed to have the latest and greatest version of Java, why can't I get websites that use java to work? For example, Yahoo Chat, or any java webchat for that matter? I am using 10.1.4 and have tried in IE, OmniWeb, Opera, Chimera...
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    My Documents folder has disappeared.

    Can anybody help me figure out what has happened? My documents folder has disappeared, but i know it is still there. I can navigate to it thru the terminal. I can even open it via the terminal, but once i close the window, it is gone again in the finder. If i change it to Column view while i...
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    how much bandwidth does quicktime streaming server need?

    I would like to be able to have an mp3 "radio station" set up on my computer that i can listen to while im at work, and i think quicktime streaming server might be the best bet. My question tho, is this: I have a cable modem that is choked on the upload speed to 128kps. Is that enough bandwidth...
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    Anyone know alot about firewalls?

    I need help adding some rules to my firewall. I am sharing a cable modem using natd with my roomate. (also running OSX 10.1). That is working fine. For work, tho, he needs to be able to ftp to his home computer from work, and maybe even vnc to it. I spent alot of time trying to figure out how...
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    ftp/nat/network question

    I have what may be a stupid questiong. I have a cable modem that i share with my roommates mac on my in home network using natd. Works like a charm Except. . . My roommate has told me that he needs to be able to connect to his home computer from work to ftp files back and forth. The...
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    anyone having problems with nat and 10.1?

    I have been running natd since OSX PB with no problems, but ever since upgrading to 10.1 my network dies overnight. For some reason, none of the other computers on my network can access the net, but my osx box is still connected. Process viewer still shows that natd is running, but nothing is...
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    X crashes when using classic

    I have a problem that is very annoying. After installing the 10.0.4 update, launching any classic app will cause the whole system to crash. I can't force quit anything, i can't launch new apps, i can't connect via ssh and kill the processes. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How did you...
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    Mail app attachment question

    Whenever i use Apple's Mail App to send attachments to my work (where they use Win2000), they arrive unreadable. They show up as a three part attachment. For example, if i send a Word file, it will arrive as three attachments named letter.doc mime.txt and mime2.txt Nothing that i have tried...
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    how do i enable ip forwarding?

    I have been using natd to share a cable modem with the public beta, but have been having problems since the 10.0 release of X. Can anyone tell me an easy way to enable ip forwarding, and have it enabled at startup? Thanks Darron