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    xfree/xdarwin/multihead problems

    So I have problems with my newly installed xfree setup, installed with fink (sudo fink install xfree86-rootless), and 1.0a3 of XDarwin. I have two screens, one the built in ATI card and the other a terribly supported proformance3 card with an SGI lcd attached. Whenever xfree wants to access the...
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    lookupd, lookupmanager and ldap?

    Has anyone tried to get an osx 10.1 machine acting as a client to an ldap server using rfc2317-style lookup services (nis, but using ldap)? I tried to get this to work using lookupmanager (, and lookupd segfaults whenever I do an 'ls', activating the lookup to ldap for user...
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    bus error with 'open' command

    So the 'open' command is a good one, from the command line you can open things in the finder or start applications. It's much like the 'start' command in windows. you can open a file, application, or directory and up it pops in the finder. Unless you're running 10.1! I tried it today to find...
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    sound static under 10.1

    Strange, under 10.1 I get frequent audible static while playing mp3s from itunes (from disk or stream). It also seems to happen sometimes when I switch apps, and am doing other things in the OS. Anyone else getting this problem? I haven't tried a different player, but since it seems to be...
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    formac proformance3?

    anyone have any idea when we'll get osx accelerated drivers for the formac proformance3 video card? their site still references the public beta, and I can't get any solid info out of their tech support folks..