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    Open Transport & Remote Access

    I'm nowhere *NEAR* the geek I wish I was (and which others who know me think I am). Therefore, this may sound stupid, but...With OS X, is Open Transport/PPP still used/needed? How about Remote Access (to connect to Earthlink)? Many TIA.
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    What am I doing wrong? I've ordered OS X v. 10.1, and it should be in my hands by tomorrow. In eager anticipation, I visited Apple's web-site & set up an iDisk/iDisk account. Then, I entered my password. This took me to the Open your iDisk' page. Whether I click on the iDisk button in the...
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    Mac OS X v. 10.1

    Assuming I have the $130 for OS X, v 10.1 (and the $12 s/h charge, according to MacConnection's website), is there any really good reason I should upgrade my system from 9.0.4 at this time (other than to help the recession economy)? Thanks.
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    Webshots & random desktops at start-up

    Is it possible to use Webshots or Appearance to select a random desktop picture at start-up? Thanks.:)
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    X Beta to X

    Previously, I had OS X Beta on my iMac DV Special Edition/400 MHz. Since I didn't use it all that often, I recently tried to delete it, following the instructions in Mac Addict magazine. However, there were some parts of he Beta which refused to be deleted, saying stuff like 'OS X cannot be put...