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    Creating a Mac OS X startup disk CD ?

    I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but I haven't found it on the site... I would like to create a new Mac OS X startup CD... is it possible ? Basically, the startup disk that came with my disk repair utility is out of date and I would like to create a new one. Of course, since I...
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    Where do you dock your dock ?

    changomarcelo asked but never created the poll... So here I go ! :D
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    Help needed : I cannot start up Web Sharing

    Hi ! I'd like to start up web sharing, now that I have IP forwarding thanks to Unfortunately, whenever I click on the start button of the Web Sharing area of the Sharing pane, it grays out forever... and nothing happens afterwards. If I quit the System Prefs application and...
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    How to use OS X' built-in TFTP to update a LinkSys router ?

    Hi ! I have a LinkSys router that I wanted to update to the latest firmware for some reason. As you might know, this updating process requires the use of an TFTP application (provided by LinkSys on Windows, but that you have to buy separately for Mac OS 9). Since Mac OS X has its own...
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    They are showing up a device they call the iWalk they pretend is the next great thing from Apple. It does look like an iPaq on the picture, though (the video they is not available yet at the time of this posting). :rolleyes:
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    Printing to a PCL printer in OS X

    Is there a way to print to PCL-based drivers in Mac OS X ? In other words, are there any driver available for them ?
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    How can I set up dynamic DNS in Mac OS X ?

    I have a Mac at home that I would like to be my "reference" computer. That is I would like it to be my library where I could access files when I am on the road. This Mac is connected to the internet via a cable-modem but is behind a router (it is DMZ, however (I think it helps... does it ?))...
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    Why aren't we alowed to edit our own posts anymore ???

    It used to be that we could... What if I realize that I may have been unclear or unwittingly offensive ? I believe that we should be allowed to edit our own posts ! Edit : well, I may have been unlucky, since it seems we can again, now... so forget it ! :D
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    How to quit the graphical OS from another Mac ?

    I have 2 Macs linked together with an ethernet link. One of my Mac is presently stuck : the screen saver is on and I have a magnificient rainbow cursor that has been turning if front of my face for about an hour now. (I have not been siting there for an hour, mind you !!!) Of course, I am...
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    Finally : Labels to come in 10.2 !!!

    A source that has been traditionally very reliable has informed me that Apple plans to bring the labels feature back in Mac OS X 10.2 !!! I am so happy ! Especially if this proves to be true !!! ;) (I am not joking about this info, though.)
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    10.1 and energy management : is it there ?

    I'm wondering if Apple has finally brought Mac OS X 10.1's energy management abilities on par with those of Mac OS 9. (As you may know, a Mac running Mac OS X 10.0.4 is not Energy Star compliant (see the Apple documentation that came with your new Mac).) I really like Mac OS X, but I...
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    FreeBSD : longest uptime on NetCraft !

    Look at this page : NetCraft's list of computer with the longest uptime are almost all running a variant of BSD (save for a few IRIX machines). The top ones are even running the FreeBSD operating system ! (Not a single Windows computer in...
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    I lost my icons !

    I recently logged out of Mac OS X (after 10 days of continuous use without rebooting... isn't Mac OS X lovable ? ;) ), to do a backup of my Palm device. When I came back from Mac OS 9, I noticed to my surprise, that all my Classic applications' and documents' icons had disappeared, being...
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    How to activate CGI and server includes ?

    It appears that CGI scripts and server includes are not activated in the version of Apache that Apple ships with Mac OS X. I have tried to follow the instructions given at C|net's, but I cannot find the files they say I should edit to activate these dynamic elements. :confused...
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    Is there a Macsbug equivalent in X ?

    Is there an equivalent to Macsbug for Mac OS X. If there is, how can I activate it ? LimeWire has to be the most frequently crashing application in Mac OS X (in fact, I should say that it crashes reliably ;) ), and I would like to know why (and send a report to the authors...)
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    How to build a Java app package ?

    I wanted to update my LimeWire package (found on Joan iDisk, see the LimWire FAQ) from 1.4 to 1.4b, so I replaced the older jar components with the newer ones. Unfortunately, the package doesn't work anymore : when I double click on it, java complains that the main library could not be found...
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    Avatar display bug

    I noticed today that in OmniWeb, avatars in JPEG format are not displayed correctly. It seems that the vBulletin software sends out a file called "Avatar.php" for files with "*.jpg" extensions while GIF formatted files are sent out as "Avatar.php.gif". The lack of a valid image extension causes...
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    Software update cannot connect to the internet...

    I know this has been talked over and over, only I have not found a solution to this problem... Has any one succeeded in getting the "software update" of feature Mac OS X to work with a PPPoE connection ? Here's what happens : after I click on the "update now" button, the "Internet connect"...
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    Default "Application" folder on another disk ?

    In classic Mac OS, one could put apps anywhere one wanted. Personally, I always put them into an application folder, but not on the same disk as my System Folder. Same thing for my "Documents" folder. The idea being that it's easier to backup or defrag this way. It also used to be that it was...
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    Happy I'm not on Windows...

    It doesn't really have anything to do with Mac OS X, but I'm happy that my main OS is not Windows. See for yourself what my computer day looked like yesterday... Life as usual... (Sigh !)