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    Someone must find this interesting!

    Sorry message edited!
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    Waiting for availibility

    I have filled in my song for making it available in the itunesmusicstore. Only if Apple wants my song can become available in the itunesstore.
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    Something to say,

    I am NOT a big fan from my iPod, because there are some popstars that find it a must to sing about harddrug and such a record is in my country the bestselling. I know I have also made a song, but this gaves me a bad taste. It might be that there is the infinitive loop. When music isn't sold in a...
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    What can I buy me after two months with a budget of 30 or 100 € or $?

    A little story to understand. At the end of my graduate I ordened a 800 mhz athlon cpu to replace a duron. The cpu doesn't arrived soon and I was forced to go several times to the shop without any result. In the same time I was happy with the idea of my dream and was writing the code that was...
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    Microsoft copied rose colour from ipod mini!

    If you won't see the new product close your eyes!
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    Completely silent pc, how will Apple react?
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    Leader from Iraq = Hangman

    A man that doesn't can defend himself anymore will hang. I posted this here for the reason that I played hangman on a Tandy 1000 who made my song and I have had been talking with Apple resellers. What do you think about a transparent computer or a hdless.
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    Samantha Fox got some money with buying a Amilo M6450G notebook!

    I know she isn't a naughty girl. After reading BobW his post I bought me this computer. What I didn't knew is that I paid a musicdownload salestax on it. clarification: Europe charges up to 30€ when you buy a computer or mp3player.
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    Red Ipod Nano

    Yes Bono is back and now you don't pay more for a red 4GB iPod Nano and then 10$ is for helping people with aids in Africa.
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    Apple Financial Results

    This week it's time for Apple financial results. It's about original Apple products that You have purchased recently and what You have bought online by Apple or what You bought in an Appleowned shop.
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    Ipod, I don't care.

    A telecomminication company together with Apple is offering me this month an iPod shuffle for free. Unfortunately I can't have it without resolving a kind of a riddle. Since this offer is no question of life or dead I am not insisting. It looks like misleading publicity. You have to buy a new...
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    Mwsf 2004!

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    Michael Jackson cleared on all counts!

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    Publicity is killing me!

    There are selling a house in my street. Inside the house there are people trying to convince people to buy the house. There is only one name for such practices publicity with as purpose increase sales.
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    Sorry, closed
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    Shortest Computerprogram

    print "I have opened this 'new guinness CATegorie'. If you want participate sent your code to them with mentioning of the CATegorie."