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    Hard Drive replacement from G4 Tower into G4 Cube Fails?

    Hi all, Looking for ideas why replacing the 20G HD in my son's G4 Cube with the 40G HD previously removed from my G4 Tower (graphite case - digital audito) a year ago when I replaced it with a 120G drive. The 20G drive being removed is a Maxtor, the 40G replacement is an IBM Deskstar. I...
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    Mac OS X mail problem - multiple messages sent

    Hi Folks, Recently I bought my mom an iMac and set her up to use Mail on MacOS X. She was converted from Windoze. Today she is reporting that mail is sending multiple copies of her messages out. She sent me a test message, and I received >20 copies of it. The message header all showed...
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    Weird mouse pointer bug in 10.1

    Anyone have this problem? :confused: Every once in a while (possibly when my computer wakes up from display sleep), the mouse pointer will become vertically stretched to approximately twice its normal height, and points to a location on the screen halfway between the top of the screen and the...
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    Printer config trouble

    Any help with 2 printer config issues would be much appreciated! Our config is as follows: we have a 10bT ethernet. Our printers (an old HP Laserjet 4ML and a HP Deskjet 970Cse) are attached to a HP JetDirect500X print server sitting out on the net. My old 8500 happily saw both printers...