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    Has there been lots of spam lately?

    I haven't been visiting these forums lately because of all the spam posts. Have there been a lot lately? Thanks, #1 Rhapsody
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    Random Logout Bug

    While I am browsing the site I get logged out occasionally. For instance I just posted in another topic and it logged me out after I posted. It seemed to start less than a week ago. Anyone else with the same problem?
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    MacHeist nanoBundle

    Get 6 apps for free worth over $150 from MacHeist. You get: - ShoveBox ($25) - easily capture important bits of information - WriteRoom ($25) - a distraction free writing environment - Twitterific ($15) - popular Twitter client - TinyGrab ($14) - quickly share screenshots - Hordes of...
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    iBook G3 Dual-USB HD

    I have an iBook G3 Dual-USB and was wondering why my replacement HD won't work. The HD is a 80GB Toshiba MK8025GAS. I've tried the HD in my iBook twice now but it isn't recognized by Disk Utility. Would the fact that it is formated to boot a Intel Mac (aka GUID partition table) have anything...
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    iPhone Optimised Theme

    Could you guys have some way so that we could easily view this forum on the iPhone/iPod Touch? There is this theme here that you could use if you wanted.
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    Linux on iBook G3

    I want to put linux (preferably Ubuntu) on my iBook G3 Dual USB. By reading this article I would assume I should go with either Ubuntu or Kubuntu 5.04. What I would like to know is if I should use a later version of Ubuntu (7.10, 8.04, etc...) or should I use Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) like...
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    System 7 Floppy

    Is there a way to use System 7 completely off floppies while still being usable? The minimum OS is 7.1.1. Would that be any smaller than 7.5? I currently am using the System and Finder from the Network boot disk and RamDisk+ for a RAM disk. I would like to use it as a web server, if...
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    Install Mac OS X using Pacifist

    How can you install Mac OS X using Pacifist? I am installing a Leopard Beta on my iBook and I can't get the DVD to boot. So I thought that since I have a image of it, that I could boot my other Mac, boot the iBook into target disk mode, have Pacifist install to the iBook HD, and it should...
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    iBook G3 as Home Theater

    I have a iBook G3 that I would like to use for streaming of my iTunes library and videos from other computers in my house. What hardware (video adapters, remote) would I need. I believe that the iBook is a Dual USB model (the kind that shipped standard with a 10GB HD). Thanks, #1 Rhapsody
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    Mac OS 7 for iPhone Project?

    Anyone know what happened to the Mac OS 7 for iPhone Project? You can read about it here. It was up and running in March and now the site is down. I would really like to find this because they used a port of QEMU :p
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    Streaming TV/video for iPhone/Touch

    Does anyone know of a site or sites that stream video to iPhone/iPod Touch? I do not have a tuner so EyeTV will not work. Thanks in advance
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    Mac OS X Mail Server

    I am trying to use an old iBook as a mail server for a project. I am using MailServe for the configuration. For a domain I am using a DYNDNS address. I can send mail out but cannot recieve it. I have checked the ports by using telnet to ping the IMAP and POP3 ports (143 and 110) and they are...
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    Time Machine

    Is there another interface alternative to Time Machine? It is slow (it does look cool) and the job could be more easily done with something simpler. Is there such a program? Thanks
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    Backup for Windows

    I know this isn't the best forum to ask this, but I thought someone here would know. I would like to have a backup program similar to Time Machine in that it make a folder with todays date and backs up all of today changed or new files. I could try to write such a program with Visual Basic but...
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    Boot Off Flash Drive

    How reliable is booting off a flash drive? I have a Kingston 4GB that I want to boot off. Could I boot off of it regularly? I am installing Tiger on it now. Thanks
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    How to Mount a .vmdk on Mac OS X

    How do you mount a vmdk disk image? It is formated HFS+ so Windows can't mount it.
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    Cool Apple Backgrounds

    Does anyone know of some really cool Apple backgrounds/wallpapers? Just curious :D
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    iPhone Development on Tiger

    Can you do iPhone development on Tiger, Windows Vista, or Ubuntu? I want to get a iPod Touch and develop for it but I don't have Leopard.
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    Mac OS 8 Networking with Ubuntu

    Is it possible to network Mac OS 8 with Ubuntu Linux? I know it won't work with Mac OS X 10.4. If not, would it work with Windows Vista? Thanks
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    RSS Feed Screensaver without Quartz?

    I have an old iBook G3 500Mhz that cannot use Quartz. I want to know if there is a RSS screensaver that doesn't use Quartz? Something similar to what is included in Tiger. Thanks