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    I have a set of SoundSticks and since I upgraded to iTunes3 ...stuff sounds horribly tinny. It sounded great in iTunes2. I have even tried different EQ presets to make it sound better...but it always has this tinny sound. Anybody else notice this? Perhaps it's time to move onto Audion
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    SoundSticks loosing sound after sleep

    I have just got my first G4(733 QuickSilver) and I also purchased a pair of the Harman/Kardon soundsticks with it. They work great....till the system goes into sleep mode, then the sound gets confused between them and the built in speaker on the PowerMac....any workaround for this? it gets...
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    iTunes and a Yamaha 16x10x40

    nevermind...i fixed it. Forgot to set it for a faster burn since i don't have the predator anymore.
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    winXP tshirt

    sorta ironic....I convert to Apple, then Mirco$oft starts giving me stuff....... I'm tip#2
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    iTunes internet radio list not loading

    I just reinstalled OS X, can't get the radio guide to load.....anybody else having this problem? I also can't get the music video network to feed in Quicktime.....don't know if this is related or not....I can get other stuff to feed.
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    Printing in black only!

    I just plugged my Epson 777i up to my iMac w/OSX v10.1 While it installed perfectly and does print, it only prints in black and white....any ideas?
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    Stupid question about where to put stuff

    I know this may sound dumb....But i'm a neat freak and I don't want my Applications folder all littered with programs in other folders. I want it all one click icons for easy use. Any suggestions or ways you guys have dealt with this? In short, i'm looking for the best place to install things...
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    Window resizing

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the window resizing is still slow? Wonder why Apple didn't offer a "Don't show contents while resizing" option? This would make things greatly faster, and barring IE lag OS X would be just about perfect(from a speed standpoint).