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    Backing up contacts from iPhone to MacBook

    Have been using my iPhone together with my MacBook for a year. A few weeks ago I spilled a cup of coffee on the MacBook and fried it. Got a new MacBook now but I'm shocked there is no way to get the contacts from my iPhone into the Address Book of the new laptop. What on earth am I supposed to...
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    Advice on MacBook HD choice

    I'm just about ready to place my order for a MacBook and really need the 200GB HD but notced it spins slower than the 120/160 GB ones at 4200 vs 5400 rpm. Does this actually translate to a practical difference when using the MacBook or is it something you don't notice? And also does the RAM...
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    Read this!!

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    Black Mac Book finish?

    Am I the only one that thinks the black matte finish on the new Mac Book is a a terrible idea? I stopped over at the Apple Store in Tokyo shortly after the release of these great machines, ready to place an order for a black one. I start playing around with the machines on display and I...
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    Epson printing problem (jobs stop)

    Really weird problem with my printer began yesterday after I changed the black ink cartrige. Every time I go to print a document the printing job automatically stops after about 2 seconds. If I select "start jobs" in the printer window the problem just happens again. Tried printing from lots...
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    Best place for iMac G5 Ram?

    Anyone know which online store has the best deals on iMac G5 ram? I'm after a 1Gb dimm
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    New iMac hints, what possible configurations for the next iMacs?

    I'm pretty much ready to buy an iMac...but wondering if Apple could come out with a 2GHz version soon? Maybe a 23" version?? Or am I just dreaming?? I know it would be getting into the Power Mac territory but it would be a good idea for high end users not wanting the full-on potential of the...
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    AirPort Extreme via Ethernet (help please!!)

    Guys if anyone can help here I would really appreciate it. I'm trying to set up my Air Port Extreme via ethernet from my Cube. This is so I can connect to the internet via AirPort to my DSL modem and so that I can use my PC (XP) wirelessly. This is what I have done so far. I opened up...
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    Silly iTunes question...

    Ok this probably has the simplest answer but for some reason I can only get 2 windows to display when I click the "Browse" button while in "Library." A friend of mine has 3 in this mode. I've tried everything and looked anywhere and the only thing I can come up with is that I'm limited by the...
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    APP makes 10.3.3 crash!!

    So I finally upgraded to 10.3.3 the other day and ever since then I get the following problems: -After a while I run a download App the system crashes (about 3-4 times a day). If I don't run BT then every thing runs perfectly -Canon Image Browser crashes on start up everytime Really...
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    Media player

    So when do the monopolists at Microsoft feel it is the right time to allow us Mac users to use the new WMP? I can no longer keep count of how many times I have downloaded .wmv files that are encoded for WMP 9 and that cannot be watched on Macs. It just pisses me off so much when things...
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    stuck item on desktop!

    I have a stuck file on my desktop. Everytime I try to move to another folder or to the trash I get a message saying that its being used by another task! Its been like this for 3 days now! How do I get rid of this annoying problem??
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    Why has printing slowed down in Acrobat??

    The weirdest thing has happened to my computer/printer. After installing 10.2.5 and the new HP driver for my 1220C all prinitng is fine except from Acrobat Reader. I used to print A3 pages in draft qualiy at amazing speeds but now it takes a good 4 minutes per page! Why is this?? Help...
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    Apple & Net MD...still not compatible!!

    What is up with this!! Here in Japan Net MDs are all the rage. I have one and its really cool to use and keep your music nice and organized. Problem is that there is still no support for Net MD on the OSX platform(not that there was any on OS9!!) What the hell is up with this?? Why am I...
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    Sound sticks 2

    Does anyone know if HK is planning on releasing a new version of these great speakers?? Just don't want to buy them and find out a week later that the new versions are out!!!
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    Graphic Converter patch

    I have a hacked version of GC. I finally decided to obtain a legal serial number. After downloading a fresh version of the program I still get the warning that I'm using an illegal version without the possibility of entering the legal serial number. There is obviously a patch deep in the...
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    Mail vs Entourage?

    I have just installed MS Office 10. Had a look at Entourage and can't seem to decide whether to use this or keep using Mail? Just wanted to know how many people prefer Entourage and why :)
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    Uploading files to an ftp server... can I do this using OS X?? Are there specific programs to help me do this?? thanks for any help:)
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    Keeping folders organized

    Why is it that every time I turn on my computer the icons in folders that I have previously organized are back to being all muddled up?? I choose to make them a certain size and organize them alphabetically...but they never stay that way after I switch off!! How the hell do you fix this...