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    creating postscript

    I wan't to create a postscript file from any application in OSX. But the only way is to generate a pdf file (version 1.3). Any other system is able to generate postscript . Mac OS - 9.2 / windows 3.1 - nt4.0 - 2000 / linux - beos / even wp 5.1 under dos. In postscript you have everything...
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    scanning in osx

    Is there a way to use a umax 1220 u scanner in OSX. I tryed vuescan but it won.t support this kind of scanner. Any idea's?:D
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    I want to create a postscript file with Mac Os X. But I can't setup the printer to chance it's port to can write to a disk or file. I can't also find or use a virtual printer to create a postscript file. I have to wait for adobe so they have a adobe driver for OsX. Olaf