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    D-Link DWL-520+ and Tiger...

    Anyone have any luck getting a D-Link DWL-520+ wireless card working with Tiger? D-Link doens't seem to offer a driver nor can a find a third party solution searching Google? Does D-Link offer a Mac OS driver for and WiFi card that can be used with the DWL-520+?
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    Entourage v.X Database Issue

    Ok I've heard about it but never come across it... I have a user who's Entourage v.X DB looks to be corrupted I think. When launching Entourage a message appears "Entourage cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem, rebuild your database" Upon hitting Ok the following appears...
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    Problem After iLife '05 Install

    Finally got around to installing Tiger on my PB and all is well, did a clean install with a drive format etc. I backed everything up and all systems are go except iPhoto. I backed up my iPhoto Library as I've done in the past before an OS install, then drag it back to the Pictures folder in my...
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    Stumped: iSync

    So I've used iSync before with little or no issue until now. Since my upgrade to Tiger and iSync 2.0 (Beta software at best) I can't add my iPod to the list of devices to sync? Drag and drop is a no go as is add new device. I've connected via FireWire, USB, Dock no luck yet iSync seems to have...
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    PCI Wireless PC Card & G3 B&W

    Can I use a wireless PCI card manufacutred by a PC vendor with my B&W G3? I'm thinking of picking up a wireless card for my B&W (D-Link, Belkin, Linksys) whatever's on deal, is this something Panther 10.3.5 will recognize or will I require third party software for my AEBS to recognize the card?
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    Entourage - Calendar Imports

    So I started using Entourage (2004) as my main calendar seeing we just deployed a new MS 2003 Exchange server at the office, being a Blackberry user it will make for ease syncing contacts, calendar, notes, tasks etc. through one PIM/client and PocketMac. I know with iCal you could download...
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    Panther install trouble on B&W G3

    So I have a trusty old B&W G3 file server which has been running Jaguar like a champ for as long as I can remember. I decided to do some updating today and the problems have become multiple... I removed the old 20GB drive and replaced it with a 40GB (master) and an 80GB as a (slave) plus...
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    Entourage and Exchange connectivity

    Has anyone had any luck with connecting MS Entourage v.X or 2004 for that matter with and MS Exchange server 2003 in this case? If so is there any documention you can refer me to? Info on most of the news groups is pretty weak...
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    Setting up MX Records

    I've had success in doing this before so I have some idea as to what I'm trying to accomplish in setting up MX records for a clients mail server. In my previous experience if I recall correctly this connection was DSL and the ISP themselves had no real issues with end-users/SoHo etc. running in...
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    No System Folder after Reboot - B&W G3

    This just started up yesterday. I have a B&W G3 400 which has been running OS X for some time now (10.3.2) which I use a file server for my home office. I needed to reboot the machine yesterday and upon start up all I get is the system folder with a quetion mark. I booted from CD and within...
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    Licensing an application on a Mac with no floppy?

    Well, now that I've resolved my DNS issue I've moved on to the next matter at hand retiring my last NT machine. I picked up a G4 533MHz at a great price and I would like to move my FirstClass mail server from the NT machine to the G4. Anyone familiar with previous versions of FirstClass...
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    Mail Re-dierctor

    Anyone know of a free, cheap or app that I can use as a mail/port redirector? My ISP has blocked port 25 probably for SPAM reasons, anyhow I would like to run my mail server onsite. By the looks of it this is my only hold up.
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    OS X.3 on a B&W G3

    So the orig. 6GB HD that came with my B&W G3 400 crapped out last night, not bad seeing how long the machine has served me. Not a big worry as the machine still has 2 40GB IDE drives and a 10GB SCSI drive. I tried loading OS X.3 last night on one of the 40GB drives but the install encounters...
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    PowerBook G4 12" Won't Boot!

    So effective an hour ago my PB 12" won't boot... All I get is the grey screen with the Open Firmware info etc. with the options to type mac-boot or shut-down. If I typr mac-boot all I get is a folder blinking with a ?. I'm sure I could boot from my Panther disc but there is a CD in the drive...
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    Terminal Application

    I really hope this is possible? I'm the lone Mac user at my office and I'm trying to figure out a way to connect to our EDI system. As far as I can tell all the clients that connect are using WIN 98 & 2000. I'm pretty sure the EDI server is running SCO Unix (although the client interface looks...
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    PowerBook 12" Reset Button

    Anyone aware of a reset button on the new PB 12" this is the first PB I've owned that dosen't have such a feature and I could really use it at the moment. Is there a key combonation I'm not aware of? Thanks? Finch
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    PowerBook Adapter

    Just purchased a PowerBook 12" I've also got a PowerBook TiBook 15" 500MHz which came with a YoYo power adapters. At some point I had purchased an additional PowerBook adapter for travel, its the smaller square one which come with the newer PowerBooks. Does anyone if I can use the older...
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    Ghosting Application

    Does anyone know of a program similar/like Norton Ghost for OS X?
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    USB Floppy Drive in OS X

    Is there any way to get OS X (10.2.6) to recognize a USB floppy drive? All I get when I pop a floppy in is do you wish to intialize or eject? Great and all if you don't mind formatting, unfortunately I'm installing a software app that licenses via floppy... Finch
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    AirPort Extreme Help

    So I gave in and purchased an AirPort Extreme. Works like a charm, one hitch I can't print. My HP OfficeJet D145 is plugged into USB port on my AirPort and with in the AirPort Admin the printer is recognized and shown yet niether my iBook or PowerBook can print. Help please! Finch