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    Corrupted priviledges

    My Software Update will not allow me to download anything cos it says i need administrator (that's me) or higher (same password) priviledges. Now, Norton Live Update is the same, stating the same thing. i have done everything to clear the problem, even what bobw says, and in single user...
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    Printer problem

    i have a b+w G3, 256 Mb RAM, 30 Gb, SCSI card, running 10.0.4 (or did have before the power unit shorted out) my printer is an Epson Stylus Colour 640, shown in the Print Center as 'unsupported' there is a driver for OSX for other models of the SC range, but although the printers are all...
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    cannot print anything

    i am using OS X with G3 b+w - my epson stylus colour 640 is listed as unsupported. cannot find a driver anywhere. how can i select a default? or just how can i print? grateful any advice.