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    Audio programs for osx

    Ive just got into the whole home studio thing (using motus audiodesk and their 828 firewire digital recording module). The other day I went ahead and bought propellerheads reason (great program) but now find I need new audio recording software (something that supports rewire). Ive been looking...
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    Has anyone got ethereal to run under OSX. It was the only reason I used linux and I would be great if I could get it to run under OSX. If not are there any other packet sniffing programs for X, I would not know where to start to write one in Java. Thanks, Kieron
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    No more Classic?

    I've just got my first mac (powerbook) and I love it. OSX is so much more stable than windows (and os 9 - I was showing off my nice shiny powerbook to my friends and the first thing OS9 did was crash :( ). I have been using X almost exclusively since - is there any way I can remove Classic...