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  1. chemistry_geek

    iOS 6 + Apple Maps App

    Just wondering what people think of the issues of iOS 6 and Apple Maps. After viewing "how insanely great" the new Apple Maps was supposed to be compared to Google Maps App vs actual user experience, I am delaying upgrading my iPhone 4S from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6. Apple certainly seems to have...
  2. chemistry_geek

    Overview of iPhone 4S from Mac Community

    Hi All, Just wondering what experiences members of the Mac Community have had with the new iPhone 4S. I work in New York City for a pharmaceutical company treating cancer and a few people in our company have received their latest iPhones. I ordered one and am on a long waiting list to get...
  3. chemistry_geek

    Any experience running WINE on Mac OS X?

    Does anyone have experience running WINE on Mac OS X? Today I found, downloaded, and installed WineBottler Combo (Wine included) and successfully ran NotePad++ as an independent "wrapped" application. "Wrapped" means Wine is wrapped around NotePad++ and placed in a container package that Mac...
  4. chemistry_geek

    Is the iPad a good PDF/eBook Reader?

    Hi Everyone, I'm inquiring if anyone is using the iPad as a PDF/eBook reader. What is the real-time experience with battery life? Can PDF files be 'dropped' into a folder like with the Amazon Kindle? Are there issues with screen reflective glare? If so, are mat non-reflective glare...
  5. chemistry_geek

    Mac OS X Internet sharing between iPod Touch and Windows XP Laptop

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had success getting internet sharing to work with Mac OS X and other devices. I did a search on the board and really couldn't find a definitive answer. My PowerMac G5 died, and recently bought a Mac Mini Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. The Mac Mini is...
  6. chemistry_geek

    Mac -> iPod Touch -> PC and Vice Versa

    I recently purchased a MacMini because my PowerMac G5 w/ duel G5s died - CPU1 works half the time. I successfully transferred EVERYTHING from the G5 to the MacMini. Also purchased a used corporate IBM ThinkPad T40 with Windows XP Professional. This ThinkPad is also registered to my iTunes...
  7. chemistry_geek

    Strange Leopard behavior

    I just upgraded my PowerMac G5 to Leopard last month, successfully integrated all information from a corrupted hard drive that could not start up. Every was working fine until a few Leopard upgrades. System startup used to take just a few seconds, now takes almost a minute. I cannot move...
  8. chemistry_geek

    Considering getting an iPhone, but....

    I'm a diehard Apple fan boy and am considering getting an iPhone, however, I've read some articles on the internet, including Slashdot, indicating that the iPhone is a great mobile computer but not a great phone. I've always used a Motorola mobile phone and they are great phones with very...
  9. chemistry_geek

    iTunes 8 botched my purchased items from iTunes store

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the situation upon upgrading to iTunes 8 that their entire purchased iTunes library is completely inaccessible. iTunes 8 asks for my login and password, then accesses the iTunes Music Store, informs me that 'this computer is already authorized', and...
  10. chemistry_geek

    App is non functional from botched wireless download from App store

    I downloaded the New York Times App from the Apple App store wirelessly and it stalled and had to initiate another download. Now my icons behave strangely and there appears to be two missing icons - spaces for icons where icons cannot be placed. Is there anyway of correcting this issue...
  11. chemistry_geek

    iPod Touch is too cool for traveling.

    The iPod Touch is a great tool for traveling and worthy companion to a Garmin GPS unit. Recently while traveling to New York City to see some Broadway shows, we tried to locate a Jamba Juice fruit smoothie that we knew was located near the parking lot for our car. The Garmin could not locate...
  12. chemistry_geek

    Has anyone successfully used an HDTV as a monitor?

    Has anyone successfully used an HDTV as a monitor? I'm looking into purchasing my first HDTV and would like to use it as a monitor in addition to watching HDTV. Any recommendations for cables, television brands, advice?... I found a nice Philips 37 inch HDTV with an HDMI port at BJ's...
  13. chemistry_geek

    PDF file commenting

    I'm a scientist and have my CV, research summaries, and project presentations in PDF format. I use primarily 2.2 for my CV, Microsoft Word for research summaries, and PowerPoint for presentations. After printing these documents to PDF format, I would like to add comments to...
  14. chemistry_geek

    Can iTunes capture a list of artists and song title/album from a radio stream?

    Can iTunes capture a list of artists and song title/album from a radio stream? The reason I'm asking is that this can be a pretty efficient way to scan through a list of music from one of my favorite streaming radio stations ( - The Global Home for the Smoothest Jazz 24/7 - Live...
  15. chemistry_geek

    iTunes Store Unavailable Again?!!!

    Is Apple having problems with the iTunes Music Store again? Demand too high again? Never thought I'd get this error, I don't buy music from it, but I use it for finding music to buy on CD. Anyone else having trouble this evening (1/15/2007) accessing iTunes Music Store?
  16. chemistry_geek

    iChat/iSight errors

    Ever since I upgraded to Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.7, iChat doesn't work with my iSight camera correctly. The iSight camera will not turn-on (green light on its top) when I rotate the shutter open, however, when rotating the shutter open, iChat launches and logs me on to the AIM network. When I use...
  17. chemistry_geek not working in my user account

    The is not working properly in my user account. The application launches but simply will not provide any definitions when words are typed in the search box. The Dictionary Widget still works fine in my user account. I've deleted the '' file, assuming...
  18. chemistry_geek

    Star Trek Inspirational Posters

    For the true Trekkie: Enjoy!
  19. chemistry_geek

    Ubuntu Linux 6.06 for PowerPC

    A few weeks ago I read on that a few hard core Mac OS X Slashdot geeks were ditching Mac OS X in favor of Ubuntu Linux. I downloaded the latest DVD.iso, version 6.06, burned a LIVE DVD, and booted it on my duelie Power Mac G5. I was rather surprised that once it was up and running...
  20. chemistry_geek

    Kitten vs Front Row Enjoy!