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  1. ElDiabloConCaca

    Mouse/keyboard Slow: Strange Yosemite And Vnc Issue

    So this is a weird one. I tunnel my VNC connections to my Mac at home over ssh from a computer at work. I typically use RealVNC's free VNC viewer as the client on the Windows machine at work. Whenever I do this, when I return home and use the Mac locally, the keyboard and mouse speeds that...
  2. ElDiabloConCaca

    Lion -- cannot move desktop icons

    Strange problem. 2009 Mac mini 2.0GHz, Mac OS X 10.7.3 (fully up-to-date). I cannot rearrange my desktop icons. When I try and drag them, there is a white "not allowed" ("no smoking"-style) symbol beside the cursor while dragging. I just noticed now that screenshots no longer work via...
  3. ElDiabloConCaca

    Mac OS X "Mountain Lion"

    The next-gen OS X desktop is coming this Summer: I dunno 'bout yous guys, but it's looking pretty sharp to me. Time to ditch Growl in favor of the Notification Center, and Messages looks like a viable, cross-device solution for chatting and...
  4. ElDiabloConCaca

    SSD upgrade -- a brand-new computer

    Just plopped an Intel 320 120GB SSD into my Mac mini (Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz). I now have a Mac Pro. Holy schnikes, what a difference it makes! I was amazed at how my MacBook Air flew along despite the 1.6GHz CPU, and I knew it had something to do with that SSD in there... so, I figured, give...
  5. ElDiabloConCaca

    Adobe abandons mobile Flash development Steve Jobs predicted the future on many occasions, making many billion-dollar companies look foolish in the process. Anyone a Flash developer that's hopped on board the HTML5 train yet? I'm still XHTML...
  6. ElDiabloConCaca

    Steve Jobs has passed away

    It is a sad day, indeed. We've lost one of the great, true visionaries of our time. I can't begin to say how his influence and drive have affected my life, both as someone who looked up to and admired him as CEO of Apple and by the awesome products he allowed me to enjoy for the past few...
  7. ElDiabloConCaca

    2010 MacBook Air 11" - remove a keyboard key?

    Fryke, I'm looking at you here... heh... you're the only one I know with an identical MacBook! Does anyone know how to remove a key from a 2010 MacBook Air 11"? Is it a simple matter of "popping" the key off like with a regular desktop keyboard? I've got a sticky left Shift key that is...
  8. ElDiabloConCaca

    Site not remembering login?

    I've noticed a problem over the past few days or weeks where the forums will fail to remember my login credentials. Typically, if I check the "stay logged in" button, I can stay logged in indefinitely, I'm assuming by some cookies in my browser. In the past few weeks, though, it seems that...
  9. ElDiabloConCaca

    Looking for a specific/custom power supply...

    ...for a few Western Digital "Elements" 1TB hard drives. They each have a 12v DC input, and the drives included a "wall wart" power supply for each. The trouble is that I have 5 of these bad boys that I need powered and connected simultaneously. A 7-port USB hub takes care of the data...
  10. ElDiabloConCaca


    Had a discussion on another forum about monopolies and monopolistic practices. Just wanted to post a poll and gauge to see if I'd get the same kind of answers here. Be anonymous, or don't be anonymous -- this type of discussion always provides for a lively debate.
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    Is it possible to still create a poll? Where has the option gone? Am I just blind today?
  12. ElDiabloConCaca

    Just about as slick as they said it would be!

    Thought I was out of luck since I didn't pre-order with the rest of the civilized world, and was fully prepared to have to wait a month and a half before I could enjoy the newest "gotta have" Apple thing. Turns out I was wrong. The Apple Store here in San Antonio had plenty of units to go...
  13. ElDiabloConCaca

    The Apple iPad...

    ...has just been released and I'm surprised there wasn't a thread here on it already. Biggest plus: 3G service at $30/month without a contract. Nobody saw that one coming.
  14. ElDiabloConCaca

    iPhone won't "forget" previous owner's name

    So I signed my life away for 2 years in December 2008 and got an iPhone 3G. All was well for a few months, then the ringer switch fell off -- not a problem, the phone was replaced on-the-spot at the Apple Store here in San Antonio (La Cantera). I took the new phone home and restored from a...
  15. ElDiabloConCaca

    How to choose a strong password (for anything!)

    This is taken from another thread I posted in, but I believe it contains valuable information about making up a strong password that is not easily guessed (or "hacked," as some like to misrepresent it):
  16. ElDiabloConCaca

    .image file conversion

    Anyone know of any Mac OS X programs that will allow me to extract/expand/convert floppy .image files? RacerX? You out there?
  17. ElDiabloConCaca

    Time tracking software

    I'm looking for recommendations for some project time-tracking software. I have given Studiometry a go, and it looks quite fully-featured (I like the integrated invoice generation and timers), but would like to solicit opinions on other options. Studiometry seems to include everything I...
  18. ElDiabloConCaca

    A hard drive for men only?

    I would really like to get one of these hard drives. Any hard drive with a name like that deserves kudos from me. (Hint: if you can't see it, look for the underlined text.)
  19. ElDiabloConCaca

    Looking for a decent external hard drive enclosure...

    Wow... been to the rodeo on this one so many times it's ridiculous. My most recent experience involved a very unhelpful employee at a local computer parts store here in San Antonio. "Do you have anything that doesn't look ridiculous? I'm looking for one that doesn't look like it'll protect...
  20. ElDiabloConCaca

    Apple's new iMac 24"

    Woot! New iMac: 24" of bright, shiny goodness. Wow, that could replace my TV! Check it: