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  1. ElDiabloConCaca

    Mac Mail Deleting Messages From Particular Senders

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > (Your IMAP account) > Account > Advanced > Remove > [Never / After one day / After one week / After one month]
  2. ElDiabloConCaca

    Mac Mail Deleting Messages From Particular Senders

    Do you have any other devices (like iPhones or iPads, etc.) where this/these account(s) are set up, and perhaps are deleting the messages (maybe because they have different retention rules set)?
  3. ElDiabloConCaca

    Delete Iphoto

    If you have deleted the iPhoto application from the /Applications folder, then iPhoto is 100% uninstalled from your system. The smaller files you speak of are preference and settings files, and take up negligible space on your drive. It's perfectly safe to leave them be and never speak of them...
  4. ElDiabloConCaca

    Utorrent Has Malware

    Satcomer's got it right. Always get it direct from the source. C|Net,, CBS Download Site -- none of those are the company that produces uTorrent (for example), so why download it from them? While they may or may not be great places to browse and search for software, my...
  5. ElDiabloConCaca

    Setting Up Server Mail To Actually Work?

    Have you correctly set OS X Server's DNS settings for your domain name? Have you properly configured the MX records via GoDaddy's control panel to point to your OS X Server's public IP address? Mucking about with DNS is both interesting, confusing, and not for a novice (because one wrong...
  6. ElDiabloConCaca

    Inkscape Broke My Illustrator Icons

    It's likely that Inkscape associated itself as the default application for Adobe Illustrator files (.ai). If you click on an Illustrator file (like the one pictured in your screenshot), do a "Get Info" on that file (either by right-clicking the file and selecting "Get Info," or highlighting the...
  7. ElDiabloConCaca

    Getting Rid Of Disk Not Ejected Properly Message

    What exact add-on card is it (brand and model number)? Did you install any drivers for it when you first installed it? Perhaps it has some kind of incompatibility with certain versions of OS X, or needs updated drivers. Does the manufacturer's website outline any issues with OS X?
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    Control-return will get you what you need:
  9. ElDiabloConCaca

    Mouse/keyboard Slow: Strange Yosemite And Vnc Issue

    So this is a weird one. I tunnel my VNC connections to my Mac at home over ssh from a computer at work. I typically use RealVNC's free VNC viewer as the client on the Windows machine at work. Whenever I do this, when I return home and use the Mac locally, the keyboard and mouse speeds that...
  10. ElDiabloConCaca

    Make Itunes 12 Look Like Itunes 11

    Looks like you've potentially got quite the ensemble of interface-mucking applications loaded (colored Apple logo, menubar icons a-plenty, etc.) -- could one of those be the culprit? Do you have any installed that enhance window controls or functionality (like the old MenuShade) or anything?
  11. ElDiabloConCaca

    downloading videos using the ipad

    Have you installed the Seagate Media App for iOS? Looks like it only works with a subset of content (music, photos, videos) and does not allow direct downloads of files from a web browser on the iPad to the hard drive. If the...
  12. ElDiabloConCaca

    How to convert video to iPhone 6 Plus?

    Handbrake does an incredible job (though it doesn't have presets for the new iPhones as of yet) and it's free. Since the iPhone 6 has true 1080p resolution, the "AppleTV 3" Handbrake preset should do the trick for 1080p content.
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    DeltaMac is exactly correct, but I wanted to expand on his comment and say that even though the original installer is deleted at the end of the installation, that doesn't mean it's gone forever -- you can re-download the installer an infinite number of times after-the-fact. ...though I do agree...
  14. ElDiabloConCaca

    Four word game

    Some like it hot
  15. ElDiabloConCaca

    Automating Execution of MP4 files (such as used for training videos)

    It's a bit kludgy and requires a bit of setup, but using VLC Media Player ( along with a little manual editing of playlists should work. 1) Download VideoLAN from the link above and install it 2) Create your playlist in VideoLAN from the movie files you want 3) Follow...
  16. ElDiabloConCaca

    iPhoto hanging after moving my data to a new drive

    Could you have, perhaps, moved the data to another hard drive that is not in HFS+ format? Like maybe FAT32 or NTFS or something?
  17. ElDiabloConCaca

    Will Apple release a 4K Thunderbolt Cinema Display Soon ? This Year ?

    Yep, as fryke said (or rather alluded to), nobody knows when Apple is going to do anything. Anyone that claims to know definitively when Apple will release a product is either lying, or hitting a lucky guess. With that being said, there are several sites that track when Apple historically...
  18. ElDiabloConCaca

    Maximise all open document windows

    This would depend on the application, and whether or not it supports it and/or adheres to the HID guidelines set forth by Apple. Usually (and historically), you could option-click the maximize window button, and that would cause all document windows to expand to their "natural" maximized state...
  19. ElDiabloConCaca

    wireless network does not support the requested encryption method

    You have a keyboard with both a windows key and an apple key?