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    2 problems with 10.1

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    KENSINGTON Optical

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    Suitcase 10.1 in Classic

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    System 6 or 7... Anyone?

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    Where is Octane?

    Shame really. I remembered the rules changed when certain past members deleted all their posts. The powers-that-be didn't like this (for obvious reasons... illegible thread discussions etc.). Is it now being enforced upon us whilst a member (ex-member) is being 'taught a lesson'?
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    Happy Birthday Arden!

    Onwards and upwards! :D
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    Where is Octane?

    As I understand, has been put on ignore list to all users of this site... big brudda hath spoken.
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    Where is Octane?

    I was referring to my penultimate sentence.
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    Where is Octane?

    I too miss Octane... I enjoyed his *banter*... However, I can tell you he is fine and well, but no longer wishes to post here any longer. He's gone off to pastures new (probably Macfora or somewhere). I e-mailed him directly and got a nice reply. Certain members here evidently do not want to...
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    dreamweaver and browser preview

    Have you checked your server settings (test server) are correct in the Site Management window?
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    help needed with flash interactivity

    Have you looked at Macromedia Director? This has 3d capabilities. I know you're case isn't precisely 3d as you state, but it may have leanings towards the facilities that you need.
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    Fast food nation

    Great post chemistry_geek. I read Fast Food Nation about a year ago. It was a hit over here (about the same time as M Moore's book... which I am sure has one chapter which is word-for-word out of FFN (or vice versa!). Maybe the UK does take care of what it eats more the US, but I don't...
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    iPhoto Printing available in Europe

    So this is another one. If announce that it's *NOW AVAILABLE* then I take that as being *NOW AVAILABLE*. If MacNN tells me that it's reported as iPhoto 4 only, then I'm gonna believe it until otherwise (and from experience trying with v2, this gives me some sort of empirical...
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    Wget with Cron problem

    I thought wget wasn't in OS X since 10.0? (Didn't curl replace it?) I know you can download wget.
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    iPhoto Printing available in Europe

    Did you select (click) on at least one photo first... when I tried it, if you didn't select a photo, it assumes you want to order all photos to print (I have about 500 in there, so it freaked out!)
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    PHP Installation Woes!

    As the other two state, your better going with the package installs. FYI anyhow, the errors you got where related to the installation. You don't have the GCC compiler installed (and CC obviously) on your machine. YOu could easily find these and install them in a similar way to the PHP you where...
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    iPhoto Printing available in Europe

    If I could print to Kodaks service through iTunes 4, I'd be more than happy since it's free, and a music player ;) However, this iPhoto feature is in the free version 2, and works in the USA and Canada in version 2. So, logically, it should work in version 2 everywhere else? I would find...