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    2 problems with 10.1

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    KENSINGTON Optical

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    Suitcase 10.1 in Classic

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    System 6 or 7... Anyone?

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    Happy Birthday Arden!

    Onwards and upwards! :D
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    Apple Developer Reference Library launched Beats the hell out of the way their reference work was presented and display originally. Very nice environment.
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    Er okay... what's happening around here!?

    Just noticed octane hasn't posted for a while, and now realised his posts have disappeared from threads! So who upset who this time eh? What's the story? :confused:
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    The Apple Chequebooks speak...

    Fred Anderson at the Morgan Stanley Semi-whatever thing... nice read:
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    Just when I thought my nation had some credibility!

    A recent BBC study has revealed that the UK may well be the most atheistic nation in the world, however, 30% of those self-proclaimed 'non-theists' (10,000 people quized) claimed to have prayed on occasion! Doh! :confused:
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    Judge in Apple-Apple Corps case owns iPod
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    Apple Security Update in Software Update

    Security Update 2004-02-23 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components: DiskArbitration IPSec Point-to-Point-Protocol tcpdump
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    Apple UK leasing offer

    For those of us on a tight budget, Apple have reintroduced there excellent leasing offer on all hardware (until mid-April). 24-month interest-free leasing, and the first monthly payment is waived. Nice. Makes the possibility of getting that hardware a bit more of a reality now...
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    Anyone Manchester, Uk tomorrow (Feb 17)?

    Then get yourself on down to this Mac auction! A local reseller went into liquidation, which could spell Mac heaven-like deals on tons of Mac equipment (new I think): Wish I could make it, I'm only 45 mins away :(
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    Code view complaint

    Hello Every time someone (myself included) adds code to a post, the code containing box extends to a stoopid width (about half a screens width off the right-hand site). Any chance of a fix?
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    Competition winner, me?

    Greetings hierarchy... (get's up off one knee)... Apparently my name was on the list of winners for the e-mail comp. I've e-mail Scott with my intended e-mail address, but have had no reply (for the last week). I understand he's a busy fellow, would just like to know if I wasn't...
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    OS X app privileges across SMB Linux share

    Hello I've set-up a Linux box as the main file and web server for our work. The SMB share works great (OS X has no problems connecting and sharing these Linux partitions... the same can't be said for the XP machine trying to share the SMB, but that's another story). However, one irritation...
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    CSS Float help within IE5/5.5 Windows.

    It' that CSS-standards time again :D I've got the chance to take on a XHTML validation job (albeit of a design I did last year, but validation wasn't requested back then, and I was still blissfully unaware). Anyway, the client is now seeking validation (XHTML 1.0 Transitional)... they're in...