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  1. twyg

    Creating a "Software Update"

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has experience creating a package file (installer) that will then be usable via our Software Update server. I've found the location of where all the repositories are, the .dist files, as well as the index.sucatalog, but would like someone to help...
  2. twyg

    VNC issues

    Hello all, Quick question. I'm trying to diagnose our new intel servers and VNC. They're of varying configurations in terms of memory, disks, etc, but all are the new xserve model. Here's what happens. When connecting to VNC either through ARD's built in software or chicken of the...
  3. twyg

    Window's domain connection - firmware 1.01

    Hello, Did anyone else have a problem with their Boot Camp where the new 1.01 firmware update seems to be the changing factor "breaking" Windows XP's ability to log on to the domain? In short, I can't seem to log into the Windows XP domain any more after the firmware update. I'm using a...
  4. twyg

    Apple Remote Desktop

    Hello all, I'm having a tricky issue with Apple Remote Desktop. I'm running version 2.2 on my network and am having trouble browsing in Scanner even when specifying explicit ip ranges. I read up on spanning tree issues that have cropped up within the switches, and even though I turned...
  5. twyg

    Important Security Update

    Hey everyone... Check out this link. This is a really important update. At first I thought it was PC trolls running around being their usual selves. (I get security newsletters from cisco, WatchGuard, and Linksys.) But... this is...
  6. twyg

    Donation meter

    Hey all, I've been looking in vain for a donation meter script to be tied into a paypal account. I've gone to PayPal's IPN site, and done some poking around, but I don't seem to be getting very far. I'm looking for a script to do exactly what is located below the main bar on this page, a...
  7. twyg

    Custom Page Setup - location?

    Hey all, I'm here at a client with 25 macs of all shapes and sizes. They, being an advertising agency, have been very creative with their stationary and need custom page sizes. Being the good IT guy I am I've made the custom page sizes but am now unsure as to how to push them across...
  8. twyg

    Launching programs from the command line

    Ok... either this is a really simple question, or it's a really complicated one. Basically I run a few small networks amongst a few clients. It would be nice to be able to ssh in to the server, and from there ssh into each individual machine from home... I've run around and turned on all the...
  9. twyg

    Disappearing icons/files

    Here's a new one. Yesterday I installed the new security update. Now this morning I downloaded three attachments from entourage, and two jpegs from Safari. Now, I would put this under Internet apps, but it's acutally a problem on my Desktop. Of the five mentioned files, only one was...
  10. twyg

    Favorite Old School game

    I'd have to say it's Beyond Dark Castle... Best game ever... What's your favorite?
  11. twyg

    To quell the conspiracy theories...

    SlashDot and Mac Satelite Software This is for all those people who make conspiracy theories about big evil companies hating Macs. It's sad but true, we are only ~5% of the computing population, and unless we pay for the tech support, we'll never get the products. :( Read the comments...
  12. twyg

    Posting with Polls

    Hello all. It's come to our attention that the number of new posts with polls has begun to get out of hand. Should you feel that a poll is truly warranted, please feel free to use the tool. But please don't use it just because it's there. A great example of the proper use would be; I've...
  13. twyg

    Ed's new Avatar

    I can't think of a better avatar for Ed. This thread serves no other purpose than complimenting Ed on his avatar. ;)
  14. twyg

    StarOffice a no-go for OSX

    Looks like we won't be getting StarOffice... :( Sun denies Apple
  15. twyg

    Happy Birthday Plexy!

    Hey man, Happy Birthday, I hope it's a good one! *give plex the 16 punches w/ one for good measure* :D
  16. twyg

    Sounds dumb but...

    How does one properly fit a "stretch-fit" baseball cap to one's head size? The reason I ask is I'd rather not do the whole "well, I think you soak it, or do I? Should it go in the dishwasher? Crud... or was that putting it in the sink. Oh wait... No, no... I shouldn't give it to the dog..."...
  17. twyg

    What happened to the clones?

    Here I am looking at a PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 215, and I started thinking, where did all the clones go? Did I miss something?
  18. twyg

    Are you a bicyclist?

    I was curious how many people are avid riders on the site. I have a mountain bike which I frequently use on my morning commute. I also use it for trail riding both light and intermediate trails. Can someone recommend a good tire for that usage? Daily use on pavement w/ basic trail grip...
  19. twyg

    May not be a computer component but...

    Hey guys and gals. I've come to a sad day, now I have to let my car go... I did want to post here the ad so that anyone in the area who's interested could take a look... Twyg's GTI
  20. twyg

    kinda neat

    That's mighty cool of eBay. I used to love doing my graphics stuff for a large audience... I always stuck a mac in for computer related ads.