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  1. Doctor X

    High Sierra Unable To Recognize A Clone As Bootable Volume

    :oops: MacBook Pro 8,1 as below. It has a new WD SSD :) I have two 4TB "back ups" partitioned with 1T each to clone the IntHD. This I do with SuperDuper! Those old ones are Seagate. Works perfectly. Boot holding down "Option," type in Firmware Password, pick clone. Great for testing new...
  2. Doctor X

    Internal Hd Suggestions For 2011 Macbook Pro

    In a long-winded thread on the Software section I discuss issues with DiskWarrior. Blah . . . blah . . . blah everything is working fine--I even now like El Capitan--but now DiskWarrior says I have "bad blocks." Nothing else does. I am running a surface scan. However, it being Friday here, if...
  3. Doctor X

    Corrupt Disk0s1? Worry? No Worries?

    My system is what it is in my signature. The Int-HD is a Seagate 1TB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache if that helps. I back up everything on two clones so all is safe. Out of the blue I receive an error from my Disk Warrior "missing resource." Boot to a clone to check...
  4. Doctor X

    Airport Utility 6.3: Update FAILs to Recognize Airport . . . but Internets Work

    I put the smiley because this is not an emergency. Just an odd thing. Searching the :) Fora gave me a lot of irrelevant topics. My system is as below. The Airport I have: AirPort Extreme 802.11 a/b/g/n was purchased less than a year ago. So I see the Airport Utility 6.3 update is available...
  5. Doctor X

    Printer Scanner Users Rally to ME!!!

    So I was happy with my HP Laser Jet 3055 for a few years. Since I upgraded--finally--to Mountain Lion, I find out that, guess what? The scanner does not work. This has been confirmed by HP--they do not have a driver for it nor do they plan to have one. I can happily still print--and will...
  6. Doctor X

    Security Update Frells Safari

    My machine is as in the signature with Safari 5.8.1. When I updated a few days ago Safari would continually crash. Having cloned prior to update, I simply reinstalled the clone. Now booting on the clone I tried it again--same problem on the clone. Below is the crash report. Ideas? Process...
  7. Doctor X

    Details of New Mac OS!11!!Eleventy!

  8. Doctor X

    PANIC--HELP! Weirdness--DVD-Kernal Panic-Communist Infiltration! Save the Curry!

    I MUST HAVE A VIRUS!!!11!!! no . . . not that, but it is a bit weird. Since I do not know what the problem is please forgive the long-winded details. I do not want to waste everyone's time then mention something that seems minor which results in, "oh really? That means your logic board has...
  9. Doctor X

    Macbook Pro Unibody Owners Rally to ME!!: Recommend Cooling Plate

    I have gotten sick of my Zalman "Cool Innovations"--the fans have become the noisiest appliance in the home! I have looked about but reviews tend to be contradictory. Here is an example: Targus Chill Plate One guy says the fans do not actually cool it and the unibody can slip! The...
  10. Doctor X

    iDVD Quit Unexpectedly While Using the Perian Plugin

    So says the crash report. I hate iDVD. It says everything is fine with my project. I try to burn and it suddenly "stops" after hours unhelpfully sending me to the Apple useless webpage. So I decided to create the VIDEO_TS folders. Fortunately, this gave me the following crash report...
  11. Doctor X

    Mac Users? VENGEANCE is OURS!!

    Sent to me from a NEW Mac User :) This: This is Bill Flora, the former chief designer on the team that created Micro$ofts new Windows 8 Metro interface. Linkypoo --J.D.
  12. Doctor X

    Crashing Safari on iPod Touch

    safari no wok pleaze fix. . . . Sorry, could not resist. :) Here be the iPod details: The Apple iPod . . . the singular representative off all that is loved and hated in Apple--does many things you no longer can live without . . . and refuses to do simple things any idiot would have...
  13. Doctor X

    HELP! My Data!!--How Disk Warrior and Cloning Saves You

    The Good Doctor's Guide to Saving Your Butt Introductory Pontifications: It seems about once a month we get a "I CAN'T GET MY DATA" or "I can't find my HD," or "I can't find my iPhotos of my daughter's wedding and now she's in a coma after running into a garlic press!" question. I have...
  14. Doctor X

    Does FireFox Suck with OS 10.6.7

    Since updating my OS to 10.6.7, Firefox consistently and repeatedly CRASHES! I updated FF to the latest non-beta version--3.6.15 as well as Adobe Flash updated today. I have not had this problem with Safari. Whilst trying to create this thread FF has crashed twice. I am tempted to "go...
  15. Doctor X

    iDVD Creates DVD without Sound on DVD Players

    I tried searching HERE and on a few places. I received a lot of information that does not answer the problem. First, my Mac specifics: Macbook 4,1: 2.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, OS 10.6.6 with plenty of HD space. I use Egato Video Capture to capture from video tapes I made long ago. Usually it works...
  16. Doctor X

    Security Preference Pane . . . She Dead!

    So once again trying to figure out something, I happened to click on my Security preference pain in the System Preferences. It never loaded. Never. Finally the System Preferences will crash. I tried all of my other preference panes--all work immediately. Now I clone my Int-HD on...
  17. Doctor X

    Activity Monitor Hangs

    Something weird has happened in the last week. One particular program would tend to hang--a CPU hog I imagined. I monitored it on Activity Monitor to kill the process. Eventually, I simply got rid of it--did not use it that much. However, I further noticed in the last two days that Activity...
  18. Doctor X

    Macbook MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857E No Burn

    First, the drive WILL still play CDs and DVDs. I have happily used this internal "Superdrive" for about a year. Without warning, when trying to burn data with Toast 10 on a DL-DVD+R, I received a Sense Key = Medium Error sense Code = 0x73, 0x03. Searching I discovered that this means a...
  19. Doctor X

    Congratulations! You just LOST 200 GB of Space!--Cloning?

    In AD 2101. . . . From my observations Here which I will briefly summarize, I did something that may . . . or may not . . . lead to great pain or great justice! What Happen?: The other thread had to do with me backing up my Int-HD with SuperDuper!. I reversed the process after trying one of...
  20. Doctor X

    Congratulations! You just recoved 15 GB of Space!--Cloning?

    This is both an observation and a question. Mayhaps it not belongs here. Boring Prologue: Sometimes we accumulate crap on our Int-HD. I have Ex-HD to take this crap and save this crap--pictures, all of those videos of Your Mom, et cetera. I run Cocktail--which I got long ago--and...