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    macmail won't turn off spell check

    Sometimes that is a "stuck" setting, so m.ight help to try toggling that setting on, then off
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    macmail won't turn off spell check

    Turn off "correct spelling automatically" in System Preferences/Keyboard pane. Should be in the "Text" tab.
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    using foomatic/ ppd printer "drivers"

    Have you tried Gutenprint? Your specific Dell 3010cn is not listed, but maybe the Gutenprint drivers will provide a solution as a generic printer. Is your new Mac an M1 model? That may be...
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    Pepé (Le Pew)
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    Official: Mojave Thread

    "drive password" probably means that you turned on File Vault in the process of doing everything else. Check in your System Preferences, then the Security & Privacy pane - File Vault tab. "File Vault turned ON" means that you have an encrypted drive. You have to unlock the drive to get access to...
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    Serial Crashes - iMac 2017

    Do you remember if the problem started before you upgraded to Big Sur? Have you run Diagnostics , not just the Disk Utility? You start the built-in Diagnostics by restarting while holding the letter D, or Option-D. Either should work. Does your iMac have a fusion drive, or a "real" SSD, or the...
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    Serial Crashes - iMac 2017

    OP post says near the top that he is running Big Sur. The log shows build 20C69, so macOS 11.1 @lambreff: Were you already using Big Sur (beta) when this started happening? Big Sur seems less stable for some, so you COULD try updating to the current 11.2 release version. Are the crashes...
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    Anyone know how to run iOS game on Mac?

    Yes (with limitations), and this assumes that you have a new M1 MBAir. An older, Intel model can't run iOS apps (although I suppose there are methods to run (specific) iOS apps on Intel Macs, but it's certainly not directly supported on Intel Macs)...
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    The command s not working

    Haven't heard back from the OP - - but, he has a Windows keyboard, which doesn't necessarily show the same key responses at boot, compared to the same keys when logged in to desktop (and working with the keyboard viewer). Alt and command positions are usually reversed, for example. All you can...
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