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    issue resolved

    Issue resolved

    How do I change my username?

    Hi Reactivating a dormant forums account and need to change the username associated with it can someone advise how to do this?

    Need Music/Advert Help

    Right, I'm usually good at questions like this but I dont know american adverts as im in Ireland!, so.... Friend needs to know "an American AT&T advertisement, there were no words and it was black and white with big strapping men putting up telegraph wires and then there is an earthquake or...

    Front Row Problem

    Heya Got one of the new macbook pros, 2.33ghz/160gbHD/2gb Ram, it was quite a jump up from my previous system a powerbook g4 550Mhz/60gbHD/768MB Ram Been playin with it all week and lovin every minute of it, but came across one thing though, in front row under "Videos/Movies/" it lists three...

    Mac Tivo Hmmm... Although it doesnt actually give a proper screenshot, this should be pretty cool if its true. Wild speculation, but wonder if it could be part of a possible mac multimedia tv centre, unlikely though, probably more a...

    iPod Camera link problem

    Just got a 'Belkin USB Digital Camera Link' It works well, im pretty impressed, just disapointed i couldnt use the mac one as its a lot smaller and neater, but anyway got a minor...

    Bluetooth Headset & Mac compatability

    Heya I just upgraded over the weekend to Panther so I could run Skype and i bought a Logitech Freedom headset to use with it but my mac wont connect to it, it says "Failed to set up the headset. Headsets are not supported on your bluetooth hardware" what kind of bluetooth dongle do I need? I...

    help chemistry/enviromental people :)

    Just started writing up my report for a design project me and some people were doing for my chemical engineering course, apparently its due tomorrow, so looks like its gonna be a long night :rolleyes:, already done, the most of it, all the actual design of the adsorption and distillation...

    Mail 10.2.8 gone haywire???

    For some reason my email has gone haywire, my normal email is functioning fine but my uni email address is multiplying all my new (unread)messages, it started off multiplying them by 20 but its gone up to like a thousand at the minute. I emailed the tech support guy about it and got this...

    Handy Macoworld upgrade guide Found this, explains the 3 main ways to upgrade to 10.4 with all the advantages/disadvantages, seems to cover pretty much everything, including manking backups of your backups :) when upgrading from 10.1 to...

    Croken USB key drive

    Just got given a usb drive thingey to see if I could figure why it wasnt working. Its 256MB, think its made by 'Peak', and basically whats happenin is when its put in a win computer, a message displays that the usb device is unknown, when i put it into my mac, nothin happened, no 'error and do i...

    t-630/t-610 + Apple Address book

    I got a t-630 at christmas time and have picked up a second hand t-610 for my other sim card, anyway.... When I connected my powerbook upto the t-630 at christmas time, i noticed a bluetooth symbol in address book. I tried to get it to work, as it seems to allow you to be able to send txts...

    Problem with external drive

    I got an apple dvd-ram drive pulled from an AGP, Sawtooth G4 It came this morning and I put it into an external firewire case. Problem is nothing will mount, went to system profiler it cant see anything on the firewire port. The instruction book said the drive has to be set to master mode, when...

    Nikon digital camera help

    My dad got a nikon 5700 for christmas, its great but got a problem... every so often when he goes to take a photo, red writing comes on the screen saying that the speedlight (flash) wont fire as its in the closed position. the flash wont fire then and the photos are all blurry cause of the...

    Setup ps2 online?

    Does anyone know how to set up a ps2 to work online? I have a tesco adsl connection, the modem is a wireless g belkin router... i tried conecting the ps2 to my powerbook, which picks up the wifi signal, and share it through the ethernet port. it didnt work. Then brought it upstairs and...

    bluetooth headset?

    Heya, my sis bought a new sony-ericsson t630 today, pretty sweet wee fone, anyway i'm plannin on gettin her a good handsfree kit for christmas, was wondering if anyone has any recomendations?... I dont really know much about them at all so should i really be looking for, besides like long...

    26th, special day at apple store

    Just noticed this, whats it gonna be??, clicked through their new 'gift' christmas store but it seems to be obviously workin right now so whats gonna happen on the 26th? is it just gonna be like slashed prices or what?? Hmmm...... also available outside of US...

    highspeed card reader :p

    Hiya Im thinkin of buyin a high speed card reader either firewire or one of those pcmcia ones. Was wondering anyone here used a pcmcia one, and what did yee think of it? Also this is the one i'm lookin at, it...

    is Guernsey part of the uk?

    is guernsey part of the uk or what exactly is it? I'm askin cause i might be buyin a camera in Jessops and they said they'd match any price i got off the web provided it was a uk based company, is givin a great price but its based in guernsey ... i know its one of those weird (no...

    4th gen ipods run on mac and pc??

    So my 40gig ipod came on friday... yays it great, my last one was a 10 gig 2nd gen. I want to use it as a hard drive to transfer files from the pc's in uni to my mac at home... it came with a usb cable in the box, so can i just connect it to a pc tomorrow and transfer my files? Oh and any...