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    new ibook freezes easily

    hey there all, i have a new ibook with combo drive and all works well, except there seems to be a weird problem of it fully locking up (in osx and 9.1) so i can't do a damn thing but insert a pin to restart and each time i do that the date and time get reset, which is turning into a real pain in...
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    mail sending prob.

    Anyone know why i can recieve email via osx's mail app , but not send it? times out and says unable to send mail via port 110 or something.. any ideas? its probably just a setting i have it on, or dont have it on or set right or whatever.. like maybe the port? anyone know off hand how i can...
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    Instal prob. -any ideas?

    Hey i was wondering... Why wont my imac rev. D install osX pb? i have a newly partioned hd, and os9.04 and f/w is updated.. The cd boots, and eventually (after ages of churning and noises comming from the cd rom drive (tray loading) it eventually comes up with the OSX pb install. "HIT ENTER TO...