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    PTHVolume with wClock

    I've happily been using wClock from Wolf Software as a replacement for the Menu Clock. I then found PTHVolume, a menubar volume control. It's very well designed and blends nicely into the Aqua interface. Even uses a Genie effect to disappear. However... By default it sits right where...
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    The Sound Fix

    Just in case anyone missed it: On older machines that use the AWACS sound chip, the default installation will prevent sound from working. As an example, I have an 8500 with a G3 upgrade. The installation was a breeze. However, no sound. Very disappointing. Persusing through here, I...
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    PowerMac 8500 -> G3 DaughterBoard?

    I have a PPC8500 that had the daughterboard upgraded to a G3 300mhz. It has 2 video cards in it too. Both older ATI cards. It has 208megs of RAM. My concern is the compatibility with the upgrade, the video and the fact that the CD drive is probably less than 8x. Anyone know if I'm SOL?