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    what is the Tessera project, anyone knows?

    I read atMac OS History about a upcoming cpu code named the Tessera project, any one got any more rumors on this one?
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    NEW remarkable products

    Quote from steve jobs, you can read the it here . Anyone got any speculation what these NEW remarkable products would be? Maybe something to do whit Spruce and Nothing Real. I hope for a new "Digital hub device". And he says some so its sounds like it more them one product that is coming.
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    animated desktop background

    Take a look at this. Freespace running on macosx pb on the desktop background. Its draws over the desktop icons, but it looks cool =). Some good programmers should take a look at the source and see whats can be done. Im a VERY bad programmer. If someone d/l the source, you must look through the...
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    Anyone got mpg123 running?
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    Another screenshot. Anyone know how to get rid off the white line around the dock?
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    dark3lf's desktop picture

    Dark3lf, Can you please mail me or tell me were to get the desktop picture you are using on the screenshot.
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    Does anyone know hot to make the dockbackground transparant? That would be nice. cheers.