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    Apple to buy Palm!?

    Apple just might be in position to buy troubled Palm, Inc. They're looking for a buyer and it would fill an empty slot in their product matrix. Good or bad? Would they call it a Newton? I dunno... judge for yourself. Follow this link for the story. Also, it's a cool site.
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    Found more fun!

    Option clicking File changes the Close Window command to Close All Windows. Also, option clicking Window changes Bring All to Front to Arrange All. Cool, eh?
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    Found the Restart Button...

    If you hold down Option while clicking on the Special menu, you will see your old frind, the Restart command. Be warned, however, that not all machines will be restarted with it. Some Powerbooks will only shut down. Cool trick, though. Anyone found the Easter Eggs yet?
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    Bluescreen? I don't mean special FX!

    Powerbook G3 | 9.0.4 Installed OSX-beta. On the installs reboot, I get the OSX welcome screen, it appears to load all the system software, then I get only a blue screen with a cursor in the upper-left-hand corner. It appears to be trying to do something (it flashes a different blue once in...