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    g5 ram

    i have a G5 1.8 dual proc. and i have a friend who is selling DDR2 ram for a G5. in my system profiler it says i have just DDR, will DDR2 ram work also? can i run DDR2 and DDR together?
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    apple boot camp?!!

    so i just heard today that apple i releasing boot camp which will allow you to run windows on your intel mac. now my question is, will this take advantage oof the graphics cards and other hardware on the mac or will it be all software emulated, such as virtual pc? will graphic intense...
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    will this hd work?

    will this HD work in a G5...its sata i suppose it would but it say platform pc? doug
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    First to Fight

    has anyone played first to fight? i've watched the demos and it looks like a good game. let me know doug
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    connecting dual monitors to a G5

    I just got another monitor for my G5 and i went to connect it to the back of my computer using a vga to digital adapter. but the 2nd port (actually it has a 1 by it) has a thicker shell around it so my adapter wont connect to it. does anyone know why this is? is it not made for a digital...
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    what graphic card do i have

    im not sure what graphic card i got with my G5, im pretty sure i upgraded to the 256mb card when i bought it. it was a $60 upgrade from the base model of the dual 1.8. is there a way to look up what card i have without opening the box? system profiler doesn't tell me thanks doug
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    Please explain the intel mac!

    so i have yet to hear the good reasons for apple to switch to intel. what exactley is going to come from this? and it is good or bad? last time i checked the g4 and g5 systems were blowing the intel systems of there time out of the water. so why are we switching? isnt that setting us back...
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    open source ftp/sftp

    does anyone know of a good open-source ftp/sftp program for mac? maybe one that has ssh capabilities also? doug
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    will this work on my g5

    i just saw this really good deal on a 200gig hd from circuit city. will this work on a g5? it says mac os X on the description...
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    syncmaster 914v image not clear

    i just got a 19in samsung syncmaster 914v monitor from best buy for a killer price. i came home and hooked it up and the image isn't very clear (ie: text on the screen is blurred, dock icons aren't crisp looking). the software that came with the monitor is for windows and so is the software...
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    what graphics card do i have

    how do i see what graphics card is in my G5 running 10.3. for some reason i think should have a 256 but i think apple may have only sent me a 128 when i ordered it. can anyone help me out here doug
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    What HD will work for G5

    i was wondering what hd's will work for my g5. i see its ATA...will SATA work? how do i know what to look for. thanks. doug
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    using dumb terminal settings

    i'm logging into my school account from home to do some work and recently i've been getting a "tcsh: using dumb terminal settings." message. this just started happening. i've read other forums and it looks like its an error in one of the terminal data files. can anyonehelp me fix this. i...
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    i want a good PHP book

    hello, i have some basic php knowledge. i'd like to find a book that teaches the basics and also some more advanced stuff about php. ddoes anyone have any suggestions? thanks doug
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    G4 returning coded hotmail messages

    hello, i gave my mom my old g4 and whenever she sends replys/forwards from hotmail it includes the html and other code which makes the emails impossible to read. this didnt happen when i had the computer. does anyone know what is wrong with it? thanks
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    resizing numerous photos at once

    hi, i have about 200 pictures i just took on my digital camera. they are very high resolution straight from the camera. i was wondering if there was an application out there that will resize all of my pictures at once so a smaller resolution. can iphoto or fireworks do this? doug
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    Using .vhd And .vmc On Vpc7

    is it possible to install .vhd and .vmc files on virtual pc 7? i try to "capture image" on vpc7 but its not letting me highlight the .vhd. doug
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    is it possible to program C on mac?

    and if so can you tell me what programs i need to use. i have the developer package from apple and i program in java. but i'm new to C and i have to use it for my class. so any help would be great! doug
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    using .vmc and .vhd on virtual pc 7

    hey everyone, i already posted a similar question but there was confusion in the way i typed it. does anyone know if i'm able to use .vmc (VM configurer) and .vhd(virtual hard disks) on virtual pc 7. i need to do this to run my project for class. please help. doug