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    Unable to create a new user

    Hi! I was trying to create a new account using Multiple Users, and even if new folders were created in Users, they never appered in the list of user, and I wasn't of course able to log under these accounts. I've never been able to log under any account except root and my own. I tryed this as...
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    Make it invisible!

    Hi! Is there any way to set an application to run without being visible? My first concern about this question is that the Dock gets filled by icons that are always open from the beginning untill the end of my session. I know they are running, so could they simply diseappear and live more space...
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    Previews not giving a nice PDF

    I don't know what is the exact source of the problem, but when I preview a document made with Appleworks, the PDF that result has major differences with the original. It is not supposed to!!! Well, let's say that the page design was complex: many images, lot of pages (107), and so. The text...