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    Help me fix my lan. I think I need a static route?

    Is there a way to set it up so the machines do this automatically on startup each time? What file do I have to alter to get this to happen? Seems like in Linux there were startup config files where you could do things like this. Any ideas? Also, when I make this alias, it works like a...
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    Help me fix my lan. I think I need a static route?

    Paul (or Kilowatt), Will this work with systems that use DHCP to assign their IP address too? I'm having the same problem transferring files between my Cube and new Dual 867. Both are connected to a hub, which is in turn uplinked to my Cable modem. But when I try to transfer files between...
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    Java in OS X final

    Hey guys, So far I've been completely unsuccessful getting Java applets on the web to run in OS X release. I've used both OmniWeb 4.0cf1 and IE 5.1 preview (which comes bundled with the OS). No luck. Any of you guys having any luck with this? Considering Java 2 support is touted as...
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    Higher Resolutions

    It just so happens that I went to CompUSA today and was playing around with a cube/17"ASD setup while there. Very nice, BTW. They didn't have it running OSX, but it was running OS9.1. The max res was the same that you're listing. The screen is actually a diamondtron NF as opposed to a Sony...
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    Subtility of TerminalOpaqueness

    What string(s) did you use to set this? Where do I find the preferences to set the background color and text color? I'm a unix newbie to some extent although I used linux for 4-5 months as a secondary PC system 2 years ago. Needless to say, I don't have a lot of experience in finding out...
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    Subtility of TerminalOpaqueness

    I played with the opacity quite a bit and while it is somewhat dissapointing that the text becomes transparent as well as the background, I finally stuck with 93% for the setting. Seems to show just enough of the background without detracting too much from the text. What settings are you guys...