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    Classic won't quit

    Hi, I've got a similar problem : classic cannot quit. I can eventually force quit, but trueblueenv stays... But when I log as root classic quits without a problem. Deleting the Classic prefs file makes no change. My os9 is a fresh install on the same disk than osX. Still waiting for an idea...
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    The Sound Fix

    Ok. Now I have a question : is it possible to redirect audio to usb without deleting the applescreameraudio.kext directory ? Nico
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    Login locked in Qwerty mode :-(((

    You have to log as "root" with your admin passw. Then select french (or anything else) in the kbd selector and logout. That's all.
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    ATI Mach64 3D Pro Not Supported.

    OK I have a 'standard' beige G3 without any video (other) possibility.(6megs of vram) I don't know... maybe you've already tried to remove the 4 extra megs of ram (if they are not onto the card)...
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    ATI Mach64 3D Pro Not Supported.

    Well, it works on my beige G3 with 6Mo of vram. Maybe the problem is on the personality card side. You should try to remove everything you can and try to install. It must work.
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    AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards

    Just log as root , change the keyboard setting, and logout and it's ok !
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    USB H/K Soundsticks - No Sound

    Well, it does not work on my computer too, but I think it's normal because OS X beta doesn't have the full core-audio. Only basic features are present. BUT if you launch classic and then plug the usb , you will hear your HD in the same way as os9 does. So I think it loads the driver but...
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    X won't install on either of our Beige G3s

    Well, my beige G3 revB works ice with DP4 and PB. It has a Formac G3/400 ZIF upgrade and a second IDE HD. Don't know why it doesn't work on your beige... Try to remove everything before installing. Nicolas.