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    New Builds on Carracho

    at first i scorned the build fever that has been going around.. but now that a version of itunes is carbonized (won't run on pb) for later builds, my curiosity got the better of me. so i spent the last day and a half trying to d/l a new build off carracho... GOOD GOD!! that is the biggest...
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    AOL = caca barf

    thanks so much aol for promising us a carbon version later this year... how long since windows users have had aol 6.0? and they haven't even released a BETA 6.0 for classic. yuck. to hell with them. Adam
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    Was there an update?

    When I first got my hands on the beta (soon after its release) I remember specifically that pushing the monitor button on the new ASD 17" did nothing. I am pretty sure about this because I used to play with the button when I was bored (it would light up but nothing would happen). However, when...